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This is the most important page of the entire website to me, because it is the very core of what this work is about and my best attempt to put into words what I believe in my heart. I invite you to join me in claiming these statements for yourself too if they resonate.

- 1 -

Healthy Beauty Defined

Healthy beauty is a philosophy aligning who we are with how we look, and how we show up in the world.

To be and feel truly beautiful, in a lasting way, we must believe we are worth the effort, that we don’t need to be fixed and everything else is just a fun opportunity for decoration.

- 2 -


We treat ourselves like we matter; like the precious beings we are -- all the time.

We use cosmetics to honor, decorate and delight in the ancient traditions of adornment as a form of self-care to amplify, magnify, and create alignment of our inner and outer selves.

- 3 -


As we respect our bodies by choosing the best safe, non-toxic cosmetics, we are simultaneously supporting businesses that respect workers, the planet and animals through ethical production methods.

- 4 -


We reclaim our right to feel inherently beautiful, alive, sexy, radiant and powerful at every age.

We no longer subscribe to the idea of “anti-aging,” as we are engaged in vibrant living.

We define our self-worth.

We will not approach our beauty from a place of self-deprecation, or support companies who profit by planting insecurity and harmful chemicals into women.

- 5 -

Create Change

We realize that by regarding ourselves with more love, that our energy and demonstration of kindness ripples out into the world around us, and we become catalysts for positive transformation collectively.

- 6 -


Along our own path to deeper self-love, to be seen, heard, and loved for who we are, we also open our awareness and shift our lenses to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of diversity in our fellow humans.

The words "woman", "women", "she" and "hers" are used throughout this site with the intention to be inclusive of cisgender women, transgender women, and non-binary people.

LGBTQIA+ and POC individuals are welcome and safe in this community.

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