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Transitioning Makeup and Skin Care for Fall and Winter

By November 2, 2017August 9th, 20182 Comments

The colder months tend to wreak havoc on skin because in most seasonal climates you’re exposing your face to extremes in temperatures and lower humidity. It also no longer feels as appropriate to wear bright tones on the face, so there are certain colors that need to be taken out of your makeup bag until next spring. The tips I’ve given in the past on transitioning makeup and skin care for fall and winter seasons are all still totally valid, and I’ve added to them in this live video with some product recommendations (recapped below).

You’ll get to see two quick, fall/winter lip changes, and learn the must-dos for choosing the right hues, foundation, bronzer, and powder so you look fresh and youthful, not like a dried up, ol’ leaf!

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Transitioning Makeup and Skin Care for Fall and Winter

I’ve been an international makeup artist in fashion and have worked with thousands of women just like you over the past two decades, and believe me when I tell you that trends which look cool on the runway, aren’t realistic for most people’s real lives.

So it’s important, as I explain in the video below, that you take inspiration from, but not try to mimic runway makeup shown on teenage models who are supposed to look very serious and intense when they go down the catwalk.

3 Major Take-Aways

1) Nourish and hydrate skin even more.

2) Avoid dry, matte makeup.

3) Keep the lines of your makeup soft.

If you scroll towards the end of this page you’ll see a summary of time stamps that you can skip ahead to for specific tips.

Also below, you’ll see a full breakdown of my beloved green beauty products featured!

Just hit play on the video below. You don’t need a Facebook account to watch it.

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Skip-To Tips

Minute 3:11 Skincare I love and why!

You may also want to check out the live video I did showing how to prep your skin now for the coming winter and boost its resilience. I used just 4 products from the Radiant Beauty Collection to demonstrate how easy it can be with the right natural ingredients.

Minute 6:20 A new foundation I love!

Advice for color selection/application.

Minute 11:40 Fall trends for lips

What you shouldn’t do if you want to look younger.

Minute 17:00 An easy way to remove dark lipstick without making a mess

Minute 18:26 Lip liner tips

How much to sharpen your lip liner and a hack for applying it beautifully.

Minute 22:40 How to use bronzer in the winter

Minute 23:53 Easy eyeshadow

Minute 25:00 Rules for using powder in the winter

Minute 28:11 Why fashion actually proves that less is more

Plus a mini-rant about hot comparing ourselves to teenage models and why trying to replicate runway looks exactly just looks dumb in regular life.

Featured Products

Sappho New Paradigm Foundation

Sappho Eyeshadow in Norma

Kjaer Weis Lip Liners in Mauve and Classic Red

Elate Cosmetics Lipstick in Demure and Bronzer in Sunkiss

Hynt Beauty Concealer and Finishing Powders 

The skin care shown that’s included in the Radiant Beauty Collection was Kaelen Harwell Sun Salvation Serum and Wedderspoon Organic Lip Care with Manuka Honey.

The skin care collection from Elique Organics that I teased you about only comes up for sale four times a year, and it’s just a one-week window to order.

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Well, that’s all for now, my friends! Did you like these tips? Are you going to try any of them out? If you do, I’d love to know how they work for you. Leave me a comment below, please!

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Feature photo by Jakob Owens


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