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WORDS OF PRAISEClient Comments

“I loved working with Kristen. She takes her time to make sure the look is what you want and that you are relaxed and enjoy the process. I also liked the green products she used. I found the creams and powders felt gentle and light. Even at the end of the evening my make up looked fresh! Kristen is one of the best make up artists I have worked with. It’s a rare night to have people actually compliment my make up. I felt like I looked like me but the best version of me. There is no doubt I will work with her again!” – Actress/Producer, Katie O’Grady

“KRISTEN YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Thank you for making me look pretty on TV, and using natural makeup so I wouldn’t break out. Perfect!” – Singer and actress, “Orange is the New Black” and “The Voice”, Vicci Martinez


“Kristen thanks for being so good at what you do! Before talking to you about going organic with makeup (and lifestyle), I had gone to SIX different dermatologists for my rosacea/adult acne situation. After our talk, I threw out all my medical ointments and pills prescribed to me and switched to the products you suggested and my face has cleared up and is glowing! Love love love the tinted moisturizer and blush you suggested!! Thanks so so much!! My mom and sis are hooked on the products too now!” –Nicole B.

“You really helped me remember to take good care of myself which was such a nice surprise – the whole makeup thing can be so intimidating and what I am really interested in is self care, honoring and appreciation.  You helped me step it up a notch and pay attention to how I touch myself and what I let other people dictate for my skin, body, face and to what I am putting forth into the world….It was a really powerful afternoon….that kind of supportive empowering interaction is really incredible and lacking in the world or in our society anyway….Thanks a million.”   -Susan S.

“I am so pleased with all that I learned from you in updating my make-up skills. What a difference. I am wearing less make-up, spending less time and money and look so much more current. You have no idea how much you have helped me.  I am having so much more fun putting on my makeup. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning to make-up my face.  Big Improvement!” -Dale G.

“I want to say a deeply heartfelt thank you for all the help you’ve given me…. I had become aware that I had been so busy with what I was doing in my life that I made very little time to think about what I was wearing as a reflection of who I am.  My overall appearance made a statement of, ‘I don’t have time to look pretty.’

….You showed me that there were some simple steps I could take to bring out the feminine inside of me without having to spend too much extra time getting ready….Thank you so much for helping me choose makeup that looks beautiful and natural on my face, and thank you for showing me some basic make-up techniques that were easy and very effective.” -Niki S.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful and informative day today! You were right, my husband loved it! In fact, he was blown away! He said I didn’t look like I was wearing much make up, but that I looked really great! He was funny, he put his glasses on and looked at me really close and just said, ‘Wow!’ Which of course just thrills me to death! I’m also happy with how it lasted today – some really great products!” -Sue H.

“Thanks so much for all the help–it was really exciting to get all this information and find out that there actually are fairly simple solutions to my makeup problems. It seems that all the “makeover” shows on tv (Oprah, Dr Phil, etc) pick women in their 30s or 40s, never anyone over 60, and so many of their solutions don’t work for those of us with skin that’s on the downhill side of retirement age!  So it was great to have professional help from someone who actually has knowledge and understanding of my own problems.” -Donna G.

“My [15 year old] daughter really enjoyed her session with you and feels a lot more confident in her make-up abilities. She is using the skills and techniques you taught her well. No more Cleopatra eyeliner!….Now once again, I love to look at her pretty eyes. What you taught her really allows her own beauty to shine through….Next time you’re in town, I’m signing up for my make-up lesson!” -S.M.



“Your artistry showed in the entire session, not only with the beautiful job with me but how you applied the makeup and, actually, in how you managed all of the session.  It was a pleasure to have you do my makeup, Kristen, and I hope we meet up again.” -Sarah

“I LOVED MY MAKEUP!  I had cheekbones in my pictures for crying out loud, so that was fantastic.   It held up so well, looked flawless, I absolutely loved everything about it.  The other girls looked so great too.  You were right on time, very professional, spent quality time with everyone to make sure it was perfect, etc etc, what more can I say, everything was just great.  Thank you for all your hard work, it was very much appreciated.” -Bridget

“Thank you so very much for everything on my wedding day. I felt absolutely beautiful! You were so very friendly and fun to be around, it made my wedding day jitters calm down. My makeup stayed on all day and even looked good the next morning. Everyone told me how beautiful I looked and I owe it all to you!!! Thank you!” -Amber

“I was happy to see that my makeup was flawless all night long! “ – Tiffany

“I couldn’t have been more happy with how the makeup turned out- it seriously lasted all night, and I was so satisfied with everything about how I looked.  The airbrushing made a huge difference (especially in the pictures, I think), and I tell everyone I know that’s thinking about getting their makeup done to definitely do it.  You were super professional and did a great job- I felt like you took a lot of time with me, and it made a difference.” -Karla

“You did a wonderful job on my makeup for my wedding day. I was a little concerned that it would look too heavy because I’m not accustomed to wearing much makeup, everyone said it looked very natural and beautiful.  I also really appreciated the time and patience you gave my mother and me during my trial run…I felt well taken care of!”- JC

“May I just say, you did such a remarkable job with everyone’s make-up, especially my own.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!  You applied my make-up so natural looking you can’t really tell that I’m really wearing any (which I loved by the way). ” – Jessica P.



“You were wonderful! WAY above and beyond the call of duty…. the support, the on-camera coaching…that would have been a lesser experience and definitely a lesser video in the long run without all that you did.” –band member of Dirty Martini

“You made such a HUGE difference!! Thank you for being so generous and helping us…You’re wonderful to work with and hang with too.” –band member of Dirty Martini

“You ROCK!!!  It was truly fabulous working with you, and the filming was SO much more fun than it would’ve been if we hadn’t had your help.  Thanks for everything you did — way above and beyond the call of duty.” –band member of Dirty Martini

“The first thing the photographer said when she saw me was, ‘Your makeup person did a WONDERFUL job!’.  As I told the photographer, it’s going to be tough to choose just one image.” -Christine F.

“Thank you again (a million times over) for your work today. We really appreciate the time and professionalism you put into the makeup work today.” – band Menomena, Brent

“This client was extremely pleased with Kristen’s work and was almost in tears when she saw the resulting images.” –Joni K