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  • Dear Kristen Arnett, This is Richie, one of your few male followers on Facebook, Richard Lawrence, mutual friends with “the lovely Ms. Tara Wallace”. I fancy myself an “actor” and “creative screen writer / creative producer; but honey, I’m a dinosaur; sorta like John Wayne when it comes to “taking care of my skin and my body”. What I need is a Knowledgeable “big sister” to help a brotha out and educate this damn fool. I’ve finally gotten a little money ahead and can avoid to purchase some Men’s Beauty Products… I just don’t know what to buy… and I’m talking even down to Deodorant (shit that ain’t gonna give me cancer would be nice), Toothpaste, and Shampoo (I stand 6’1″ and my hair is MORE THAN halfway down my back; I’ve also got the beginnings of a handlebar mustache and “wild bill hickcock” pointed beard; sorta a “character in the making”)
    Kristen, bottom line is about Month ago you shared a “introductory offer” of like $90 dollars… I can now afford that…even double that if need be since I’m starting from scratch and all… plus if you make it out towards Atlanta GA (ATL) (where Tara Wallace usually is) I would be very interested in a one on one consultation; cause I’m less than a 2 hour drive from ATL and less than a 3 hour drive from Charlotte NC; but that would depend on how many hundreds, or thousands of dollars a consultation would cost.
    Look forward to hearing from you and hope you take on this “work in progress” as a new client.

    Richie Lawrence,

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