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I feel that the support and details of the Healthy Beauty Oasis program are amazingly perfect for women ages 40 years old and older who want to take care of themselves without masking our beauty. Kristen’s wealth of knowledge shared in her Healthy Beauty Oasis program is truly usable without any hyped up sales pitches for expensive products or speaking down or fear appeals.

She provides friendly and easily integrated into one’s existing routines but with more specificity on how to maintain a good green beauty approach. I love that she provides us with so many avenues to speak with her and obtain advice or her colleagues.

I felt that I was in a rut with my routine. I had decided a few years ago to limit traditional makeup and skincare and become more green but Kristen does provide even more up-to-date tips, suggested green beauty items and provides a safe space for others to meet where we can be open and honest.

I love one of the first videos I watched with Kristen and her holistic esthetician on how to incorporate and improve what we are eating so it shows on our skin. It’s the inside-outside approach of simple, nutritional changes that have impact.

Seeing the real womxn who joined OASIS and realizing that we are all here for each other with the same goal. Feels amazing to have that kind of support from others and Kristen feel great about themselves without masking their features or beauty and want better green product application suggestions.

You’re worth the investment of self-care, self-love and better overall health.

profile-picKathy L.

Kristen has created a lovely, welcoming, encouraging forum in the Healthy Beauty OASIS! It’s such a treasure trove of beauty and makeup advice, and she keeps adding more! I had a routine, but the makeup techniques I’d been using since my 20’s didn’t look fresh anymore on my 42yo face!

I’m so thankful to have an experienced makeup artist give me such great advice that I can implement right away.

Just the tips I’ve learned for where to put your blush, how to apply eyeliner so that your eyes don’t droop, and how to really define your brows–these alone have been worth it! But there is so much more, including recommended brands of makeup and skincare that isn’t toxic!

I didn’t expect to get access to so many of Kristen’s professionally made videos. What a treat! to feel like they have the tools to make themselves feel beautiful everyday!

I don’t have to search the internet and watch random YouTube videos to figure this out myself anymore. Kristen is a kind, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable guide.

I’m not lost anymore!

Thank you, Kristen. xo

profile-picSharon Lee

Healthy Beauty OASIS is a truly awesome experience like no other. As a Kristen ‘superfan’ I knew it would be amazing however, it has already been so much more. It is gentle, kind, non judgmental and super informative.

It allows you to go at your own pace and there is so much support from the pooled resources of other members. Before joining Healthy Beauty Oasis my beauty routine was inconsistent and I was struggling with direction.

I had tried many different ideas but kept returning to ‘being too busy’. This approach has naturally resonated with me and certainly skincare now feels much easier, less of a chore and more of an act of self care. As a member of Healthy Beauty Oasis I feel like I have made a positive commitment to myself.

Although I haven’t yet been able to attend a live session, they are quickly available to catch up on and priceless. Loads; free serum for a start, positive effect on self esteem, access to so many resources.

To become the best version of themselves inside and out, in whatever way is meaningful to them. It’s such a cost effective way to explore all aspects of self care and natural beauty with the expert help and guidance of Kristen and others, such as May Lindstrom, with a membership grounded by kindness and love.

profile-picLee Ann Capogrossi, Ithaca, NY

My experience with Healthy Beauty OASIS so far has been tremendous! Not only have I learned much about ‘green beauty’ I’ve also learned a lot about the importance of ‘loving the skin you’re in’ and how to make it a part of your every day routine.

I accidentally came across one of Kristen’s videos early on and was immediately drawn to her style and approach. I’m so glad she formed this group! She is a great advisor and mentor not only because of her vast experience, but also her fun and engaging personality.

Interacting with our private group is wonderful — everyone is helpful and supportive and willing to share their thoughts, recommendations and feelings about their own self-care.

I was feeling like it was time to kick things in to gear (I’m 53) and prior to joining Healthy Beauty OASIS it was more of a chore than a privilege to care for my skin in a healthy, way using products that are kind to it — and the environment.

After joining the group, I now look forward to learning more about caring for my skin and ending each day with meaningful self-care. My eyes have been opened to what is actually in a lot of mainstream products. And the importance of limiting the ‘bad’ ingredients wherever possible.

With the number of tutorials Kristen has created, I’ve learned a ton on a variety of topics from ‘how to read a label’ to the best way to apply blush. As someone who rarely wears more than eyeliner, I’m now having fun experimenting with how to apply eyebrow gel, concealer, and some really great products to spruce up my look and feel good about myself.

The level of detail regarding the content that Kristen created was a pleasant surprise. As someone who writes content for a living, I can appreciate the work that went into every piece, every video and every guest interview she created to help us learn more about products, application, looking your best and how to nourish your skin.

I’d recommend the OASIS to other 40+ womxn who want to learn new skills to accentuate their own natural beauty. Not necessarily glamming up, but a place where you can develop skills and techniques using products that are kind to the skin and to the environment. Joining the OASIS has been a beneficial investment for me for a couple of reasons. For one, the amount of information you receive is priceless.

The time and effort Kristen puts into developing her library of content far exceeds the membership price. Kristen communicates with us regularly (yes, she actually does!) on relevant topics, offers beauty tips, joins our conversations, offers expert advice, helps us out with questions, offers product recommendations and has created a group a supportive members.

It’s the kind of space where we can be candid about ourselves, lift each other up and achieve common goals.