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by founder Kristen Arnett

Dealing with persistent acne for 10 years of my life sucked.

As a makeup artist, I had learned to cover my acne, but not heal it.

In 2009 a model friend (May Lindstrom) gently pushed me to ditch my benzoyl peroxide and acne treatments, because as she explained, “they were loaded with toxic chemicals.”

(May has since gone on to become rather famous for her luxury, natural skin care brand.)

Since I had nothing to lose, I started using natural, organic skin care and makeup exclusively.

Shocked and Elated

Just a couple months of using natural products my skin was clear – after years of no real results from traditional medicine!

Now whether I’m on a photo shoot or chatting at a dinner party, women of every age are curious to know the cosmetics brands I use to make my skin look so good. (I never thought I’d get asked that!)

Soon the models, actresses and musicians I worked with daily, shared they too were tired of comprising their health and having broken out skin.

They looked to me for trustworthy guidance transitioning their bathroom cabinets into non-toxic beauty zones.

In order to help as many people as I could, I wanted there to be one place to send folks to get accurate information about the best natural and organic makeup, skin care, hair care and even nutrition…

But in 2009, there wasn’t anywhere for me to send them.

The green beauty blogs back then were mostly written by folks without a true background in beauty, and I doubted whether I could really trust their information.

So I set out to create the best green beauty blog ever

To me, that meant:

  • quality over frequency
  • information backed by real sources, written by real experts

The biggest challenge at that time was the limited number of organic, natural products that actually worked, not to mention how hard it was to find them.

So I enlisted my pals in the clean beauty and wellness world to help me create an incredible resource, Green Beauty Team.

What sets us apart from other green beauty blogs?

Green Beauty Team is a curated, information-rich resource of articles written by various professionals in holistic beauty and wellness. It’s a destination for consumers to learn about the best methods and products for living healthier lifestyles.

It is our hope that you will come back again and again to read and let us know what inspires you too!

If you’d like a one on one consultation with me or any of our professionals, head over to our Consultations Page to learn more.

Thank you for supporting a healthier movement towards beauty — and welcome to the Team!!