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gbt-best-of-beauty-awards-teaserAll About The Biggest Best-Of (Green) Beauty Awards

For the last 6 years, whenever anybody finds out that I am in Natural Beauty Expert/makeup artist, they immediately start peppering me with questions about my favorite products and brands.

I dance around answering like a politician during election season. Ha! (Kind of an appropriate joke for now, don’t you think?)

From time to time, I’ll feature a few beloved items in an article about a specific topic of concern, but for many reasons I’ve never created a list of products or brands that I love in one place.

Partially because there are different products meant for different people. So arbitrarily choosing one per category meant to work for “everyone” just seemed inane.

But after being asked to sit on a panel of yet another magazine natural beauty awards (I’ve already done ELLE 2x, among others), knowing that very few of the items I actually selected would make it into publication, I decided it was time for me to do my own awards.

I finally sat down to do it and while biting my nails, rocking back and forth in my chair, putting my hands against my forehead, I made a list – 6 years in the making. It was a beast!

Subjective vs. Objective

Having been behind the scenes of beauty awards selection for so long, I can tell you there ain’t nuthin’ objective about them.

You may not realize that many awards require payment just for entering. The panelists choices get overturned by editors needing to appease advertisers, and there is no ranking system used to determine each item’s worthiness vs. another in the same category. Often these products aren’t tested for more than a few days!

My Best-Of Beauty Awards are different, and yes they are subjective.

What I didn’t do

I made no call to brands to submit their products. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone I was doing the awards. The brands haven’t been told they’ve won yet!

I am not creating charts with green leaves ranking each item in various criteria. Nope, no matter how much you beg me.

This site and my work would look very different if I could manage to get through organizing things so cerebrally.

I’m an artist at heart, with a brain that likes and needs research for validation, but I can only read so much sciency stuff before becoming narcoleptic.

I looked to aesthetic, functionality, texture, experience, and most importantly — my overall sense of a company’s ethics and their choices in formulation.

So if you want a rating system, you aren’t going to find one. My apologies.

Why these awards are refreshingly awesome

If you want to see an incredible assortment of 95 (YES! Ninety five!!) stellar products that have proven themselves over years, the ones I recommend most to private clients and use myself at home, then you’re gonna love these awards!!

I absolutely can’t wait to reveal them to you. Make sure you are watching your emails because everyone on my newsletter will be the first to see the winners and get other secret news surrounding the awards.

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