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I Tried Hairprint – The Safest Way to Cover Grey Hair – Here’s What Happened

By July 20, 2017October 8th, 2018101 Comments

Coloring grey hair safely is an important topic in the natural beauty world for good reason. The chemicals used to cover grey hair in traditional dyes are harsh and can lead to some pretty awful reactions and health consequences in the long and short term.

If you’re someone who has experienced irritation, rashes, burning or other symptoms from hair color, but don’t want to stop coloring your hair as its going grey, then hold on to your seats…

A company called Hairprint has come out with a product called the “True Color Restorer” that claims to be the safest way to banish grey hair, and seems to be turning the hair color industry on its ear with a revolutionary technology that isn’t actually a color or a dye!

My Hairprint Review

Just warning you now, this is not going to be some 2oo-word, fluffy article. I’m diving deep into this review on Hairprint True Color Restorer. I subjected my own head (and I’m super precious about my hair) to testing for your benefit — and potentially my own too.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I almost never do reviews or single posts about one product, but this one seemed way too juicy to pass up. Because finding the safest way to color grey hair is majorly important to many of you.

In full disclosure, Hairprint sent me their products to use, but they did not provide compensation for my review.  Follow this link to see the wide variety of safe, non-toxic hair treatment products they offer (and if you purchase anything I’ll also get a small commission, which helps me keep the bills paid, so I can continue to write fabulous articles like this – so thank you!).

Not Willing to Go Grey Gracefully?

It’s totally understandable that you might not be ready to embrace your grey hair quite yet. Studies have shown that the more grey hair a person has, the instantly older they register in perceived age.

That perception can affect how people subtly treat the with regards to things like a being a potential mate or new employee. Unfair, but true.

On the flip side there is a huge movement towards full acceptance letting grey hair take over – particularly in the millennial culture, where the latest trend is purposely dying hair to look grey!

I fully support whatever you want to do with your hair, especially if it gives you more bounce in your step.

The safest way to color grey hair naturally

The problem with most brands of so-called “natural” hair dyes (including the one I usually use) is that they are better, but not perfect when it comes to avoiding harsh chemicals.

Most have replaced nasty ingredients like ammonia, but in order to really penetrate the hair and covering stubborn greys, they still include PPD.

We covered the basics of natural grey hair coverage (including PPD) in this article.

Henna is an option for some people, but not everyone is excited about the way henna works or how the color ends up looking. That’s why Hairprint True Color Restorer is a serious contender for those who just want to restore their natural tones without the toxic junk.

What makes Hairprint the safest?

MADE SAFE is a private certification body (which I cover in The Ultimate Natural Beauty Shopping Guide). They put these products through the wringer, scrutinizing all of the ingredients, and decided Hairprint was the safest complete brand of hair care products on the market.

You can find out more about MADE SAFE’s standards on their website.

Who does Hairprint True Color Restorer work for?

If (and this is a big if) you don’t have more than 50% grey and naturally have black, brown, or light brown hair.

They are still working on formulas for blondes and redheads. You can dramatically reduce your grey hair if it’s over 50%, but they don’t promise it will go back all the way.

Magic. Sorcery. Green Chemistry: How Hairprint Works

The folks at Hairprint say they’re not about hype or outlandish claims, but it’s pretty crazy what this product promises to do: be a totally non-toxic way to restore the pigment of grey hair back to its original color!

To me, this sounds like some sort of sorcery.

I’m no scientist or chemist. So I’m just gonna lay it down as how I understand it, after it was explained to me.

Apparently the wizardry is actually a genius development in green chemistry that the co-founder, Dr. John Warner, found to mimic the way a chameleon can change color.

Somehow he studied and isolated the thing that makes that change happen, got to thinking (probably over a cauldron with some eye of newt) and found he could do the same thing with grey hair.

Rather than depositing color onto and into the hair cuticle, like a normal dye would, Hairprint’s formula creates a non-toxic chemical reaction that changes the pigment of the strands of hair themselves.

Essentially the safest way to “cover” grey hair non-toxically is actually to restore it!

Why Hairprint True Color Restorer isn’t a Dye

It took me a long time to wrap my head around the idea that Hairprint True Color Restorer isn’t a dye.

Here’s my simplified version to help you understand:

Dye is matte because it absorbs light. But skin, eyes and hair don’t have color, they refract light.

Dye immediately absorbs into skin.

Hairprint True Color Restorer has a pigment molecule small enough to go into the hair, but not the skin. It refracts light and the arranges itself based on the naturally occurring melanin and protein in your hair.

The company has more details on how all this works if you want it.

So let’s move on to what the experience is like of using it.

How To Use Hairprint to Restore Color to Grey Hair

First, make sure you get the right color package to sync up with your natural hair color (prior to going grey – not the color you wish you had).

Then really review all of the instructions thoroughly way before you begin. You’ll get the best results if you do what they tell you and not assume you’ll figure it out along the way.

I have a hard time following specific and/or complex directions. I’m the person who will mess up at least one step of a precise recipe or set of directions pretty much every time. That’s why I don’t bake or put together furniture from a box. But give me a bunch of vegetables and spices and I’ll whip up a delicious, improvised meal!

If you have virgin hair (AKA never been colored or chemically processed to alter the texture), the directions are pretty straightforward.

Using Hairprint if you already have colored hair

If you’re like me and you already have color in your hair, and you want to continue to add in highlights over your natural tones, it gets a lot trickier.

Hair that has been dyed is more porous, so the “unique ID” of that hair is gone, and the transition instructions are needed so the processed parts of hair don’t go too dark.

The Hairprint folks want you to have a great experience so their customer service team has very descriptive and detailed emails about how to make their product work when you don’t have virgin hair and want to color over it.

My eyes glazed over after the 2nd paragraph of instructions…so I did not try this alone at home.

I sought out the assistance of my long time hair colorist, Julie Ruckman, the owner of Zuzu Organic Salon in Portland, OR. She is a real wizard of hair color and creates serious magic of her own!

About my hair

So first you should know my hair is medium brown, fine, wavy, and I’ve been getting highlights woven in using Oway Hair Color to blend my (approximately 10%) grey hair in and add some lightness to my look.

Preparing The Hair

I had to wait until my roots grew out about 2 inches. No problemo. I’m an overachiever and I had 3 inches of root growth!

Then they suggest (but really it’s a requirement) that you use their Chelating Shampoo for one week to cleanse the hair of all the potential gunk sitting on it from various shampoo, conditioner or other styling products that could interfere with the penetration of the Hairprint True Color Restorer.

I use only the best natural hair care products, so I wasn’t too worried (most people are using hair products with lots of silicones that collect on the hair shaft), but I did what they said and used the shampoo (which felt amazing!) and stopped using all styling products a week prior to the date of my first appointment.

Necessary Supplies

They provide you pretty much everything in the cute little box they send, except a mixing bowl.

Before you start get out a bigger one than you think you’ll need because this stuff changes color and grows like the blob! I told you – it’s sorcery.

Expect to Make a Mess

Maybe after you have some practice, it will be a lot easier and less messy, but your first time…well, make sure you’re not standing over your favorite bath mat or near your organic white towels when you do this…that’s all I’m sayin’.

Hairprint suggested I use a rich natural butter (like shea) to coat the shaft of the hair in places it has already been colored to protect it during processing.

Instead I got cocoa butter in a jar that was a disaster. It was way too solid and got very weird texture, flaking all over my hair.

What worked far better on our second round was the Organic Chemistry Deep Conditioning Treatment.

The actual processing

We followed the directions to the letter, and by “we” I mean, Julie. I sat there watching her.

It’s pretty simple once you get going: mix, apply, let sit, rinse, repeat.

The first time we did the whole process it took us 3 hours. Julie was methodical, making sure each step was followed to the letter. Mostly I think coating my hair with the cocoa butter ate up a lot of time given the debacle we encountered (described above).

By the second round we slashed our time in half!

So like I said before, it may take some practice to get up to speed, and be less messy.

First round of results

Definitely a significant reduction in visible grey hair!

Hairprint tells you ahead of time that if it’s your first experience using the product, you made need to do two rounds of processing to get full results.

So I wasn’t expecting things to be massively different until the second round.

Second round of Results

2 weeks later, Julie and I tackled the second round of color restoration.

The grey wasn’t 100% gone, but there was a significant reduction of grey hair.

My hair was pretty dark by this point, between the pigment changing me back to dark brown and that I’d now gone quite a long time without my highlights.

Adding Color on Top of Hairprint

Like I said before, I really wanted to put my subtle highlights back into my hair, but had to wait until both rounds of treatments were done.

So immediately after the 2nd round we added the lightness back in with a technique called balayage, so there’s no obvious root growth (AKA less maintenance for me).

Side effects

Each time I experienced two odd side effects after using the Hairprint True Color Restorer. Neither was harmful, just unexpected.

I noticed my scalp felt very tight with a tiny bit of itchiness the first round and less so the second time. It was like I had a swimming cap on. I paid very close attention to any signs of skin irritation and saw none. The sensation was gone in less than 24 hours.

The folks at Hairprint told me this product is alkaline and naturally opens the cuticle which creates the sensation of temporary itching and tightness in some people.

The other weird thing that happened was my hair went almost completely straight. That actually made me panic more than the scalp tightening. I love my wave and it’s a part of my character. Thankfully after 2 washes it was back to its normal wave (phew!).

After all that use, I was impressed at how soft my hair felt. Anyone who’s gone through traditional hair coloring knows that you can end up with very dry, straw like strands after. So this was a happy surprise!

They explained that it works with the natural protein from your hair which is why it feels so soft. Each person’s hair is unique so it may react differently at first.

Conclusion About Using Hairprint True Color Restorer

All in all, Hairprint True Color Restorer is an impressive product. Its ingredients and the way it functions are revolutionary and unparalleled.

Particularly if you are in the brown-haired category and are simply looking to turn your greys back to your normal color, this is a fabulous non-toxic option.

I was definitely a more complex tester, and I think it’s was worth it to go through all of that to demonstrate that even more complex cases like mine, could experience the extra peace of mind and health benefits of using a safe product to turn back time on anyone’s head (with brown hair for now).

Of course, this only works on strands that have come out of your head, so yes, you will need to reapply the magical potion as soon as you feel your roots are too grey again.

Want to get in on this? Click this link to get started on your non-toxic, grey coverage journey now.

Have you already tried Hairprint True Color Restorer? I’m so curious to hear how it’s been working for you. Leave me a comment below!

Feature image by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash. Silver hair photo credit by Instagram user @denisedusk. All other photos by Kristen Arnett or courtesy of Hairprint.








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Join the discussion 101 Comments

  • Susan Williamson says:

    How did you deal with re-hairprinting your hair after balayage? Did you try to apply Shea butter or something like it to the highlighted pieces to protect from Hairprint. I love Hairprint and will continue to use it but I find it difficult to protect my previously colored areas and my hair tends to absorb a lot of the Hairprint so it ends up really dark in spots

    • Kristen Arnett says:

      Yes, Susan, you absolutely have to cover those spots before you use the Hairprint. As shown in the photos. I found it best to have a 2nd set of hands because it felt like too much to do alone.

  • robin hunt says:

    I have been a Hairprint user for about 3 years now and i am a fan! I started using it because of hairfall that i was experiencing and chemical reactions with other products. My head was on fire at all times until i started using hairprint. I havent had any problems with burning nor itching since. It does a wonderful job at covering grey too! I usually go about 7 to 10 weeks without applying and that works for me. When the grey comes in , its more subtle than other dyes after you have used it for several months. Yes , it is very messy but it is worth the mess! Until i can fine another dye that is as safe and good for my hair and scalp as Hairprint, i will continue to be a user of this product for sure !! As for the woman that said she colored her hair and then went hiking and it ran down her cheek……that doesnt happen unless you dont rinse out thoroughly. Two times i didnt rinse it out of my hair well and my hair was dull and really dark. The next time i washed my hair, the residue washed out just fine. That was all my fault tho!

    • Susan Williamson says:

      How did you deal with re-hairprinting your hair after balayage? Did you try to apply Shea butter or something like it to the highlighted pieces to protect from Hairprint. I love Hairprint and will continue to use it but I find it difficult to protect my previously colored areas and my hair tends to absorb a lot of the Hairprint so it ends up really dark in spots

  • Mesekerem says:

    This product is very liquid and messed up all my bathroom . The vidio that you follow and the color density i apply is totally different . When i apply on my hair the color dropping allover the place . So the first 20 minutes i was cleaning the area . And also the result is the same i apply it 3 time but it won’t work on my hair. The hairprint need to do better . But i really want to know how they applied without even running on their forhead . Or may be the product i receive is not right ?

  • KM says:

    Hairprint did NOT work at all. Not a single grey hair was affected. I followed the instructions precisely and for nearly 2 weeks before application, I performed all the precautions and preparations ie. no hair products, use chelating shampoo etc.
    The biggest disappointment is that Hairprint does not stand behind their product ie. they will not refund if their product does not work. Here’s an excerpt directly from their customer service:
    “We do not guarantee the Hairprint True Color Restorer outcome nor do we offer refunds on used products.”

  • Elisabeth says:

    This doesn’t work and has a terrible ‘non existant’ satisfaction policy.

    • Michelle says:

      Hairprint has changed their product! The prior product worked great! But the new formula didn’t do a thing!

      Very disappointing.

      Also, it is federal law that companies offer refunds on products so store policies are null and void.

      TIP: always use a card (not cash). This way, you can call your bank to dispute the charges!

  • Stacy says:

    I’ve used Hairprint 5 times. Agree, it’s VERY messy and I have stained the grout in my shower and paint on my walls despite using like 12 towels covering everything. But, I’m still trying to stick with it. I have about 40% gray. I definitely needed to use baking soda during the prep shampoo step as it didn’t cover very well at all without it. But with extremely careful prep and the baking soda I get like 95% coverage which is fine for me. BUT….I am really struggling with the texture of my hair. Because I’ve switched to using only the Hairprint shampoos and conditioners, my hair feels like staw. If anyone has any suggestions on what products might help I would appreciate it. I am longing to put that traditional conditioner stuff in again just to make it feel softer!

    • Jamila says:

      Hey stacy. Haven’t tried hairprint yet, but I do know about dry hair. I would, after washing, apply noticing oil, as a hot oil treatment. Leave it in the hair for 8-10 minutes under a shower cap. Rinse out and style as usual. Hope that helps.

  • Mary says:

    I had a very poor experience with HairPrint. As mentioned in other comments here, it is an extremely extremely laborious application process and extremely extremely messy. I am repeating my adjectives because it is absolutely true and I cannot emphasize it enough! In addition to those experiences, the hairprint did not last in my hair and I purposefully did not wash my hair frequently in order to maintain the color as long as possible. I also had sensitivity to the product… A tingling or burning sensation during application. Additionally, I experienced hair loss and damaged hair after using hairprint only once. Due to the negative experience in coloring with it and the disappointing outcome and damage to my hair, I canceled my subscription and needed to return a 2nd subscription order that had already arrived. This return process was also extreme and frustrating. After weeks of waiting to receive a refund, I did not think it would ever happen, but thank goodness they finally refunded me. I have however read some other reviews that indicated they also had great difficulty with a return and perhaps did not receive a refund. The Hairprint return policy is extremely strict. I had not even opened the box it was shipped in so they were going to have a very angry customer on their hands if they did not refund me, but thankfully they FINALLY did. I had to contact them multiple times during the return process and as I mentioned, it took weeks… Probably 3 to 4 weeks before the refund was actually processed. If it had not been a comparatively expensive home coloring product as it is, it might not be a big deal… but it is unfortunately quite pricey for at-home hair color.
    If there are people that have had good results and no damage to their hair… And they enjoy the laborious process – and have a solution for all of the staining which occurs during the application process …that is great for them! ( by the way, I also covered every possible part of my bathroom that I could and still had stains) However, my recommendation is to avoid hairprint. If you have the money to try it out at a salon, that is probably the best way to go if you do wish to give it a go. One reason I believe my experience is more common than not is due to the fact that hairprint does not allow any actual customer reviews to be posted on their website (at least not at the current time), so it is very difficult to post an honest review of their product where people will easily read it before deciding to purchase. They only publish fancy glossy testimonials that give glowing reviews of the product.
    I also saw another comment here where someone mentioned that they do not believe the product actually restores haircolor as it claims… My belief is the same as it has washed out just like most any non-permanent hair color. I also wonder if it is truly as non-toxic as they claim.

    I will happily return to using Henna!

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Mary, it’s awful that it caused hair loss, there must be chemicals in it. Not working is one thing, but hair falling out is quite another!
      Has your hair grown back now, or has it created an area of hair loss permanently?

      • Rainy says:

        I used hairprint for five years and It completely destroyed my hair. They turned off reviews on their Facebook page so no one is warned. They keep updating their instructions regarding the prepare shampoo (which I think is the real culprit). They added to only put it on the roots and then to cover your hair with a butter because it will destroy your hair. My new growth is a rich brown (with gray obviously) and my hair print hair is brassy orange and the bottom inch breaks off regularly. They are a decieving people. I loved it before it wrecked my hair,

  • Margueritte says:

    Just a comment about white hair! My hair is very soft and fine (although there is quite a lot of it) and completely white. After some experimentation I have found that the pre-treatment is far too harsh for me (so I just use a little baking powder on the sides), and I only need to do a single Restore application of medium brown to do the job. (I need, of course, to buy extra packets of the Complete ingredients to use with the remaining Restore on another occasion. So – a good idea to experiment a bit, as we are all different!


  • Disappointed says:

    I am writing this comment because there are very few places on the web where Hairprint customers can voice their real opinions on this product.

    I used Hairprint three times. I naturally have very dark brown (almost black), thick, dry, Type 2b wavy hair, with substantial graying around my face and some on my crown. I would say that, overall, I am about 20% gray. All three times, Hairprint covered my grays, although the color started washing out pretty quickly, with the grays becoming lighter and lighter until they were fully visible again. I would say they started to be visible 3-4 weeks out, and I definitely needed to color again at 8 weeks. Since Hairprint is obviously a dye that washes out, it seems misleading for the company to claim that it changes the structure of hair in a way that restores its natural color. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the results and thrilled that there was no toxic smell or burning scalp.

    None of that was the problem.

    The problem was that Hairprint was the messiest, most cumbersome hair color I’ve ever used, and as a few other people here have mentioned, it stains anything and everything it comes into contact with immediately and, in some cases, permanently. Maybe that’s not an issue for people who go to a salon and sit there while a stylist applies the color for them, but if you’re used to DIY coloring at home, you may be in a for a big, unpleasant surprise.

    Although the color initially went on with a creme-like consistency, it very quickly started dripping, running, and splattering everywhere. It didn’t matter that I had covered my bathroom floor; it splattered on the walls, the shower curtain, the side of the tub… And I wasn’t shaking my head around like a wet dog, either–the splattering happened with just the normal motions of applying the color and working it in. So there I was, desperately trying to apply the color with one hand while dabbing at the walls and shower curtain with the other because if you don’t get that stuff off, it stains within seconds. Oh, and did I mention that you have to do each of three rounds of this in six minutes or less?

    The whole process, from start to finish, took me six hours the first time and five hours the next two times, and just rinsing the color down the drain stained the tub so badly that I had to scrub it repeatedly with Bon Ami. Even now, there are still faintly visible stains in the tub, and my shower curtain and bath mat will have to be replaced despite how careful I was. After the third ordeal, I just couldn’t do it again, so I canceled my subscription to Hairprint.

    Hairprint is great in concept, but, in my opinion, the product isn’t ready for the marketplace yet. The company needs to be much more upfront about how quickly and easily this stuff stains anything it comes into contact with, and ideally, they need to change the consistency of the color so it doesn’t run and splatter all over everything in the first place. Yes, it worked, but it wasn’t worth the time, hassle, and damage to my bathroom, and I won’t be using it again. Thankfully, there are starting to be a lot more herbal coloring products on the market. I’ll try one of them next.

  • Jen says:

    I used HairPrint for the first time a couple weeks ago. I have about 10% grey and dark brown, fine, wavy hair. It worked really well and I am very happy with the results. My hair still feels healthy, the color looks very natural and the greys are now light brown and blend well with the rest of my hair. I am curious about the reapplication process…do I need to redye my whole head every time?? If not do I have to use the whole amount just for the roots…seems like a waste. Yes it was messy and time consuming but the directions prepared me…the packaging clearly said don’t use around porous tile, etc. and only wear clothes you don’t care about. I’ll keep using it…I hope it keeps working. Also I’m loving all of their shampoos.

  • Pia says:

    I tried Hairprint a couple of times and used their shampoos for 2 months. The result was I developed sores on both my ears and experienced hairloss . I do not have allergies and I contribute both effects to the product. As soon as I stopped using all hairprint products the sores healed and my hair loss stopped. It is a shame Hairprint as stopped enabling comments on their Facebook page so users can not contact each other and provide feedback. What is also interesting is if you search the Internet there is not much promotion of the product from 2016 eg no tv , no magazine ads etc. The product is new and evolutionary but the lack of promotion of it over the last few years shows that there are issues with it and the company needs more Research and development . I am hoping Hairprint will get an injection of funds so the company can take the product to the next development level.

    • Jo says:

      Hello. I just tried it and am already curious about touching up roots when this application wears away. Does anyone know if a good video that demonstrates Hairprint root touch up? I’m getting nervous about coating half my hair in coconut oil. Thanks!

    • Alex says:

      Same here, used 3 times and experienced hair loss and sensitive scalp – could barely brush my hair. I’ve gone back to the chemical dyes and haven’t had an issue since but I’m still looking for a more natural solution.

      • Anonym says:

        Try Surya Brasil! Best natural hair dye I have ever found. Lasts a long time too! Also try ashwagandha , copper and tyrosine. to prevent the grays from coming in the first place.

    • Marla says:

      Thanks for the comment; all we hear about this product are the positives on the internet but very few, if any, negatives; and we need to know about the negatives to make a good decision for ourselves. Your comment is very useful to me; nobody else talks about the hair loss or skin irritation.

      • Joan says:

        Surya delivers a beautiful color but beware! It runs when you perspire. I used it prior to a hike on a summer day. I had a stream of brown dye running down the sides of my face and neck.

  • Jen says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Just stumbled upon this page and am interested in learning more about this product.
    Do you know if this product is safe for pregnant women and if it can be used throughout the pregnancy?


    • Kristen Arnett says:

      Hi Jen, I truly have no idea, but I would tell you to reach out directly to the brand to find out their recommendations for pregnancy. Good luck! Let us all know what you find out too, please.

  • Rebekah says:

    CAUTION! DO NOT RINSE THIS OUT IN YOUR TILED SHOWER! ~ I just used Hairprint for the 1st time, and had a catastrophic outcome. It permanently stained the tile in the master shower of my apartment. I have canceled my subscription, and am warning people here, and elsewhere that it’s not just “messy” it’s, at least as of my husband’s 3rd scrubbing attempt trying 3 different cleaners to remove the stains of my rinsing in the safest place I could think of (because not everyone has a massive sink with high faucet like in the Hairprint tutorial video), irreparably damaging! If I were to use this product again, it would only be when I have a yard that I can go into the middle of far away from anything I don’t want dyed brown, and rinse my hair out with the hose. I wish I were kidding…BUYER/USER BEWARE!!!

    • Kristen Arnett says:

      Oh geez. I’m so sorry this happened to your bathroom. Not that it’s my fault, but I can understand why you’d be warning people. Yes, I tried to make it really clear in my article that one should “expect to make a mess” for a reason and gave some advise for covering anything important. Perhaps the brand has a suggestion about removal of the color from tile?

    • Disappointed says:

      @Rebekah, I had a similar experience. This stuff stained my tub so badly that I needed three rounds with Bon Ami to get the stains to the point that they’re only faintly visible. Hairprint also ruined a shower curtain and a bath mat, and I was being very careful as I applied it, too. But it runs, drips, and splatters everywhere, no matter how careful you are, and it stains instantly. The company needs to be a lot more upfront about how bad the staining is!

  • Ann says:

    Like so many people that are looking for hair dye alternatives I scour the internet looking for alternatives and found this article. I have a severe allergy to hair dye chemicals, my head swells to twice it’s no hair dye for me!
    I don’t have alot of grey but it is become much more noticable. I have dark blonde hair and didn’t fancy going brown just yet. On eBay I found a brand called Prestige Hair Toner. No chemicals and a good range of colours. There’s two types of colour ranges, BeBlonde and BeColor. After countless horror hair toner days varying from gingerish to purple and blue tones, this stuff was a godsend. I leave it in for half an hour on my roots then spread it over the rest of my hair for an extra 15 minutes and I get a natural colour with highlights on the grey instead of block colour. It doesn’t colour your skin and goes on like a conditioner. The colour does fade after washes but at £3 for a multiuse tube I don’t mind that too much.
    The plus side of the wash out is that I can change my hair done easily between summer and winter, I stay darkish blonde in summer and light brown in winter.

    • Tanya says:

      I saw a tip online to use Oxi-Clean, and that’s been very effective. Oddly, some of the spots on my bathroom tile come off very easily, with just water.

      I also started doing the process with my inner shower liner closed, and I take the cloth shower curtain off. This has helped a lot. The latest time I did it, the product itself was quite a bit thicker, so it wasn’t runny and didn’t splash. I still stay in the tub the whole time and use that time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

  • Michael says:

    I am a 60 year old guy who looks young except for the my hair is about 50% gray. I only tried coloring my hair once and I hated the toxic feeling on my scalp. I just heard about this after doing a search for natural hair coloring and thought I’d give it a try. Here are my thoughts:

    Its really messy! Stains skin and tub and anything else it touches so you need to be ready to deal with that. Took awhile to get my face back to normal. Besides that, it is pretty easy to do. I used the chelating shampoo which really makes your hair feel soft. I recommend it even if you don’t color. I also had virgin hair which had not been colored, half still dark and my natural color is very dark brown. I did add baking soda to the pre rinse. All that said, it worked pretty amazingly well on my hair. Didn’t feel toxic or smell, and I really like the way my hair looks now.

    It did look a little dark the first couple of days and flat. After a few shampoos the hair lightened a little and the grey hairs are now kind of light brown so kind of like highlights. Only a couple of grey hairs remain. Also my bounce and curls came back. So a week later it looks really natural and only a few people have noticed or commented which was surprising. My wife even likes it.

    So for me, it seems to be a winner. Not sure how long I’ll keep it up but I do feel younger and kind of like it. I say it’s worth at try.

    • Kristen Arnett says:

      Wow, Michael! Thanks for taking the time to share such great and specific information about your experience. I know it will be really helpful to everyone. Having a man’s perspective is something we don’t often get on this site, so I applaud you for your candor and willingness to share! Happy to hear the results were so positive — apart from the mess, which I did try to warn folks about too. Haha!

  • N M says:

    Does not work
    Extremely time consuming
    Additional fee for stylist $$$
    Far too expensive
    Evasive customer service
    No refund policy
    Short and not so sweet review:
    Don’t buy it

    • Libby says:

      Hmmm… I have been using it for years with no issues. One time I updated my subscription wrong and customer service was very nice when correcting the issues. I do it myself so I don’t have stylist fees. Yes it is messy but I just rinse in my laundry room sink.

  • Thank you for the information

    • Joan says:

      I have had some bad reactions to traditional hair dyes and on-going eczema issues on my scalp. I admit Hairprint made a mess of my bathroom. But overall, it is a phenomenal product with some minor flaws and IT IS PRICEY. That to me WAS ALMOST A DEAL BREAKER. Someone remarked about customer service in a previous review but I found my contact to be so honest with me I wasn’t sure I’d buy it. She told me several times she wasn’t sure Hairprint would cover all of my gray hair. But I bought it anyway. It covered 80 percent. I’m not an affiliate so I have nothing to gain from raving about the product here other than I hope the company continues to perfect the consistency so it makes less of a mess. I’d also like the color to stay in my hair longer but for those of us who cannot use regular hair dye, it is a blessing. Anyone who had a reaction to the product needs to keep in mind you can have an allergic reaction to almost anything. Hairprint is a chemical compound.

  • Stephanie says:

    My hair is about 75% gray, and when I was young, it was light brown. I tried regular dyes a few times and each time, the lymph nodes in my neck swelled. So no more dyeing for me. I decided to try Hairprint, light brown, thinking that it probably would not do much as the instructions recommend the product for those with less than 50% gray. I used the chelating shampoo for a few days, and then did the process as instructed. To my surprise, I got full coverage, maybe just a little darker than my normal hair color. No swollen glands or other side effects. The only reason I can figure it gave me full coverage is that my hair is fine and only about three inches long. Maybe if it was thick or coarse, it would have covered less gray. The thing is I didn’t want full coverage, I was hoping for a subtle change with still some gray. So I hope to bring back some of the gray by using lemon juice or hot oil treatments as in the troubleshooting tips by Hairprint. I’m not complaining just sharing my expectations and experience.

  • Leora says:

    Are you still using Hairprint – how well does it grow out? And did you use their “Brown” color, or “Dark” color… I couldn’t tell. Thank you! 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Thanks for the review! Did you use the chelating shampoo prior to the 2nd application too? Thanks!

  • Mary says:

    Hello, excited to try, could you post another coupon code? The link is no longer working.

  • Marybeth says:

    I have been using Hairprint for a little over a year. I just used it today and it seems like my grey is not being covered. My roots are grey and a bit around my face. I am getting very discouraged after spending 2 hours and not getting results. I start to think about using Madison Reed. Ugh! I do leave the pre-treatment on for 30 minutes but it doesn’t seem to help. I also use their shampoo and conditioner. HELP!

    • Lhea says:

      Hi Kristen, thanks for the detailed review if hairprint. I am very intrigued by the product and willing to try. You also mentioned you Oway Hair Color to give you some highlights. It looks beautiful. My natural hair color is the same as your and my natural hair is also wavy. I am new at this natural hair coloring thing. I ha become increasingly concern about using chemical dyas on my hair.
      I was looking for a natural solution for greys hair coverage that are becoming more pronounced and came out out your article. I was wondering if you can give me some insight on how to use the Oway Hair Color (I am.not foliar with this brand) to achieve the same highlights as you did in your hair. Much obliged.

      • Kristen Arnett says:

        Hey Lhea, Thanks so much for the compliments! I personally don’t color my hair myself and I trust my stylist with that because I’d just make a mess – LOL. Oway is a professional brand that is clean-er than normal hair color out there, but it’s not 100% free of all things you may want to avoid. The best thing I can suggest if you want to DIY is Hairprint or a box color from a natural marketplace. Otherwise find a stylist who works with Oway. xo

    • Ellen says:

      Dear Marybeth – maybe you do not have the correct hair color or you are not applying the system correctly – you should reach out to their support before team before posting negative comments – are you dying your hair? are you streaking your hair? are you doing anything else that the website’s clear instructions say Not To Do? Have you performed all precautions required?

      • Kristen Arnett says:

        I think all these questions are great to consider as to why Marybeth is frustrated when using the product. I avoid using “should” when offering someone advice, since none of us knows what the other person has already tried or what’s right for them to do. I did appreciate all the relevant questions you asked very much, and perhaps they will help her too.

    • Joan says:

      I clicked on the highlighted text and it took me to the order page. Is there a more recent code I can use?

  • Alisha says:

    To the author of the article. I love how this product seemed to give you the desired results! I plan on trying it myself in the near future. However I do have a question for you. What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I believe you made mention you use all organic and healthy products. I am seeking a good shampoo and conditioner preferable organic. Thanks

  • A.M. Barrett says:

    Hi! Enjoyed this review and glad you like Hairprint. I have been using it for a couple of years to really great results. I love the soft texture of my hair. (My TedX “A vision of brain injury rehabilitation,” linked to this post, shows how my formerly salt-and-pepper curly hair looked when I started to use it–after multiple applications, gray highlights at my hairline are pretty much gone).

    For the scalp tightness, I’d recommend you take a page out of the book of the “no-poo” folks–after the Complete application and water rinse, rinse with apple cider vinegar, then shampoo (I use Bragg unfiltered vinegar, what the heck!) . This brings the scalp back to its natural pH.

  • Ling says:

    Hi, I just moved to SF from another country and hence yet to have an established relationship with a local salon/stylist. I will like to give Hairprint a try with the stylist help. Anyone has a recommendation of a kind soul stylist in SF city who has done Hairprint for his/her clients? Thx much

  • Betty says:

    I read and watched many reviews on Hairprint before diving in. I just used Hairprint for the first time yesterday, and since Kristen’s site is a wealth of good info, I thought I’d share what worked for me to apply Hairprint. My hair is shoulder length, thin stranded but lots if it. I have colored my hair for about 11 years, and it was a lighter brown than my natural color. I am 30-40% gray on the top of my head, and about 10% framing my face. I grew out about 2 inches of new growth before using Hairprint.

    One week before application:
    Day 1: Chelating shampoo, Amla conditioner
    Day 2-6: Bio active kelp shampoo, Amla conditioner
    Day 7: Chelating shampoo, NO conditioner

    Color Day: I did not apply shea butter or anything else to the colored/damaged lengths of my hair. I didn’t want to deal with that hassle.
    The process:
    Chelating shampoo-leave on 5 minutes.
    Prepare-leave on 10 minutes.
    Restore 1-mixed and applied HALF to roots and face framing hair using the brush, then mixed and applied the other half on top of the first half, turning my head over and using my gloved hands to really push the mixture into my roots. I did not pull mixture through length of hair, only roots-left on for 15 min. Rinse.
    Restore 2-repeated steps as for Restore 1
    Complete-mixed and applied to roots first, then pulled through length. Left on for 15 minutes.Rinse.
    Washed hair with Bio active kelp shampoo and Amla conditioner.

    Took me 2 hours, but I imagine it’ll be much less to just do root touchup from now on. It was no more messy than box coloring at home, so I wouldn’t be afraid of that. There is no smell and I had no weird feeling on my scalp, except a little sore from getting vigorously rubbed a few times more than usual!

    Results are amazing! It covered my grays completely. It’s a little dark, but not overly dark, with (what looks like) natural highlights and lowlights throughout the previously chemically colored parts. I’m thinking the darkness will lighten a bit after a few washes, but it is very close to my natural color now, so I’m okay with it. Hopefully it will last a while before I have to touch up my roots. Soo happy to rid my hair and skin of those toxic hair dyes!!

    I hope this review helps anyone considering Hairprint.

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      WOW!!! Betty, you basically wrote a whole article here! How helpful. Thank you so much for offering this 🙂 Mwwah!

    • Deborah says:

      Thank you so much for writing out the process for people like me who fear pages of instructions. I am probably closer to 90% grey. I’m not sure since I haven’t let my hair ever go grey. The most I have let grow out is about 1/2″. I was thinking of letting my hair go grey just because I didn’t want to use any more of the harsh chemicals on my hair. I’ve been having my hair dyed at a salon for 25 yrs. But going grey is not my choice. I have friends that have let their hair go grey and I’m sorry, but yes, it does age you.

      I’m willing to give this a try before I give into grey hair. My question to you is, how long did the color last after you applied it?

      • Betty says:

        Deborah, I apologize for this late reply. I just now saw your question to me from a few months ago. In answer, if you’re still wanting it, the color lasted about 4 weeks before I noticed grey roots, but they were much more blended and not as noticeable as the harsh line I got with traditional chemical coloring, so I could get by for another couple weeks before coloring with Hairprint again. I have colored a few times with the “brown”, and because I didn’t do anything to protect the part of my hair that was previously chemically treated, that part started to get really dark. So this last time on Nov 5, I switched to “light brown”, and it is like the first time coloring with “brown”. I hope that’s not too confusing! It’s still about an hour and 45 minute process, but to me it’s worth it to rid the chemicals from my hair and scalp.

  • P.J. says:

    Let me start with I’m extremely allergic to ppd and aminophenol. The ppd causes drastic hair loss that starts about 3 – 4 weeks after use and continues for more than a month. It does not matter how minute the amount. Aminophenol is an immediate trip to doctors.
    O.k. here is how I deal with my 50% grey hair originally dark brown hair. Jazz by Revlon. They only have two brown colors, the rest are pink, violet, blue etc. Beautiful Browns don’t work for my fine hair because it has too much conditioner in it.
    So I mix the two browns together and apply. O wrap my head in cellophane wrap, I sit under a hair dryer for two hours. Clean up and shower. My hair comes out very dark brown but washes out to a decent color within the first week. I wash every other day. Color is good for three weeks which coincides with regrowth. It is quite a bit lighter than the original color but it is what it is.
    I have tried everything on the American market and this was the best I could live with. Hope it helps some of your allergic friends?

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      That is wonderful to hear and know that you’ve found a way to color your grey hair safely, with results you like, and without triggering your allergies. Thank you for sharing how you do it with hairprint here too, so everyone can benefit. xo

    • Zelia says:

      Hi P.J.

      Thank you very much for your advice and experinace. I am having so much trouble with dying my hair due to horrible allergic reactions.

      I can’t seem to find ‘Jazz By Revlon’ hair dyes anywhere online? As this has given me so much hope, would you mind checking the name again? or possibly replying with a link – or even describing it to me! I’m pretty desperate….. and feeling self conciously like an old goat….

      Thanks so much.
      ps. I am based in the uk, but i would have thought i could by online somewhere from the us.

  • Alex M. says:

    Does Hairprint pay some of the people here to say nice things ? Of course they would say no….and who even knows what you can believe, who are plants..and who are honest users ?

    I’m certainly an honest user..and I’m a guy. I think the product and the customer service at Hairprint is a bunch of crap. Not because it won’t cover up some grey. It will. But in my case (Dark Brown Hair) it turned my hair….some of it….a shade of red. Uhhh, not what I wanted.

    You talk to Hairprint..and they’re happy to answer your questions before you get the results…but when something goes wrong, the phony/nice routine changes to well…some people have to experiment many times before they get the right color. Mmmmm, aka keep buying the product until you find something you like. Never mind Dark Brown is Brown with Red. And according to the Hairprint “help” people…the whole thing will last six months. LOL…that’s a joke. Two months and it’s already fading big time. And just another truth for you “guys” here to consider.

    I expressed my opinion about their product one time on Facebook. And within 5-10 minutes they had wiped it off Facebook. In other words…they have some software to delete opinions they don’t happen to like. Sounds like something that might happen in Russia. That’s the type of company you guys are dealing with.

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      Hi Alex, I appreciate your commenting with your personal story on this. I was not paid by Hairprint or I would have had to disclose that based on FCC regulations that paid partnerships be clearly labeled at the beginning of an article or video. That said, my review as you can see, was a very detailed account of what it was like for me to use the product with the help of my professional colorist. The idea of the product is that it *reverts* from grey to your natural hair color, and you don’t have control over what shade it ends up being. I can’t comment on your experience that seemed negative with them, as that was not mine and I don’t work for the brand. I do hope you find a solution that works for you. And when you do, I hope you’ll come back and share that.

      • Alex M. says:

        Hey Kristen

        Nice, calm reply 😉 How can I get on your case after that 😉

        But I didn’t like the way they did business either. So it was the false claims and a product that didn’t work as advertised. Trust me, I asked them many questions before I bought it…emails back and forth…and it was always very self assured, hoity toity like responses. As if you were talking to Whole Foods and they were looking down on all the other grocers, if you get my analogy. They told me many times that pretty much every shampoo and conditioner out there was filled with bad things…not good for your hair. And you had to stop using them for at least 10 days before you used their products.

        And now….I’m still in the market for something totally natural. I might even buy from Hairprint again, although they might not sell to me…lol. Things didn’t end well…They’re a small company (according to them) and I think they would know my name address, etc. But I’m sure they would like my money.

        The only reason I would consider them again is because the last time I used it (about three months months ago) I packed the color restorer, pigment into my hair three times during the three hour process. They recommend twice…but they thought I should try three times for more complete grey coverage because the first time it didn’t do the job..and it only “lasted” a week. But as I said……my hair end up being slightly red ( I mean, hard to see, unless you look but still red ) and in certain light you could see it pretty easily. So twice with the color restorer wasn’t enough…and three times turned my hair another color. Two separate times I did this three hour application…and both times the results were way less than satisfactory.

        So when you say “it *reverts* from grey to your natural hair color, and you don’t have control over what shade it ends up being.”…..I have a problem with that. Obviously the red was some reaction…but it certainly is not a color I’ve ever had before.

        And also…like I said…once they saw that my case was not going to be “easy”, instead of getting emails suggesting this or that…it was well. we’ve tried everything so maybe you should blah blah….

        Don’t have to tell ya…I didn’t think much of that . And I don’t think much of them..

        Anyway….if I looked through a ton of emails from them..I could find some product they actually did mention. Something supposedly natural that does what their stuff is supposed to do. And of course…with zero chemicals. That’s the only type of grey coverage product I would consider. What do you think is good out there? (other than Hairprint of course)

  • Joy says:

    Did you have good success with using the Natural Organic Chemistry Deep Conditioner on the parts of your hair that had been colored previously? I’m having a heck of a time finding a product that protects the parts of my hair that have previously been colored (that part is getting SO dark and SO red…not attractive) so I’d love to hear your experience with this product. Thanks!

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      Yes, when we used that product for the 2nd application it worked really well. Of course, I didn’t do it myself because I know I wouldn’t have had the patience to try and reach the back of my head. So maybe you can enlist a friend to help you?

    • Rainy says:

      There is a large group of people left with fragile, orange hair from hairprint. You have to search forums to find a conversation. I would gladly post a pic of my hairnprint half hair and my regrowth.

  • LISASOPHIE Rhein says:

    P.S. I’m sharing the Hair print info with my mother, as a potential alternative to the Schwarzkopf product Re-nature. She brings it back from Germany, as it’s not available in the U.S. other than through E-bay, as far as we know.

  • LISASOPHIE Rhein says:

    I was interested to learn of this product. There is a Schwarzkopf product called “Re-nature Repigmentierung that is a creme formula. Similar to this product, it works best on darker hair. It works to bring back one’s own hair color. One explanation for grey hair is that as one ages, one produces less of the enzyme catalase, which breaks hydrogen peroxide down into water and oxygen. The result is a build up of hydrogen peroxide that disrupts the production of melanin. Re-nature uses the reaction with oxygen to build-up pigment in the hair shaft. Have you heard of it?

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      Wow! I love knowing this Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing. I was not familiar with that product, but now I’ll definitely look into it. The way you’ve described the greying process and how it works make so much sense. Are you a chemist by chance?? 🙂

  • Paula says:

    I have used Hairprint twice and I LOVE the results, color and softness/manageability of my hair. My big issue is that the process is SO messy. I have colored my own hair for years, so the application process did not scare me, hoeever, conventional home hair dye is usually applied using a squeeze bottle helping you contain the product right where you want to apply it.

    Does anyone who has used Hairprint have suggestions for making the application less messy?


    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      Yes, it is indeed messy. I’m wondering if you could actually put the product, once mixed, into something like a pastry frosting tube to control the application better…hmm?

  • Lee says:

    Recently my cousin and I had our hair done with hairprint at the same time, by a professional hairdresser. At first the color was too dark, like a charcoal grey. Once we used the chelating shampoo to get rid of extra residue the color lightened up. Now the color is perfect…. a beautiful brown with some gold undertones. There is NO fragrance and no taste to the product either. I love, love ,love hairprint. It is absolutely a magnificent discovery and thanks to John Warner who invented it and to Paul Hawkin and his company for bringing it to market. THANK YOU TO THE HAIRPRINT TEAM. By the way the shampoos and condicitoners are fabulous. My hair is totally digging these products!

  • Celest says:

    I tried the darkest Hairprint as my natural colour was medium to dark brown. I had a hairdresser do the process for me and we followed it exactly as directed. It was alot of messy work but persevered with high hopes for good results. I was disappointed to see that there was still grey hair showing, as the company certainly has you believe it will completely cover the grey hair. I wasn’t too upset though as there wasn’t a huge amount of grey showing after we had finished, but what has turned me off doing it again is that after the first wash at home, most of the colour washed out and a light reddish colour was left (which is not my natural colour), and I really wanted to go back to my dark colour. I fully researched evert aspect of this option, and the company certainly leads you to believe you would end up with completely transformed hair back to your natural colour, so I do believe they need to make it known that the colour does not stay. This seems conflicting in my mind, as they say it is not a dye and yet the colour washes out.

    I am trying to find other alternatives now, as the whole ordeal cost a fortune and is simply uneconomical to have to keep paying to have it redone every time I wash my hair to keep it the dark brown that my natural hair colour really is. I really dont like the light red colour it’s turned after the first wash.

    • Leslie says:

      I obviously is a dye, or at least a reaction of some sort. Because it only works on hair that has grown out. And it has to be re-applied. It is not “restoring” your hair. It is more like a less toxic mode of hair coloring.

  • goli says:

    I have been using Hairprint for about 2 years now. I have dark brown, curly hair, about 25% grey, I’d say. I have mixed reviews about Hairprint.

    – It does not destroy the texture of my curls like dyes always seem to. My curls always get frizzy and/or partially straightened with both conventional and “green” dyes I’ve used in the past. This is actually the main reason why I wanted an alternative way to cover my greys
    – It really does make my hair super soft and shiny. I do not feel like it’s destroying my hair at all.
    – This one is obvious but yay to no harsh toxins!

    – It doesn’t really cover my greys. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, it mostly just highlights them to a light-brown/blondish color. The baby hairs around my fair flat out don’t take color at all. I have worked with their customer service extensively to figure out why this is happening. I have bought all their shampoos and conditioners and have used this and only this product for 2 years now. I really think it may be because while my hair is dark brown, there is an underlying auburn tinge to it. So when I’m in the sun in the summer and my hair starts to lighten, it really turns auburn. I think maybe people with the underlying ash/blue tinge to their hair may have better luck in that department.
    – They do not provide enough product to cover my hair (mostly the Step 3 stage, which you only get one packet of). I do not have thick hair but I have A LOT of it, in that it’s densely packed. I have a really tough time covering my roots (yes, only my roots) with the amount of product they provide. I have complained to their customer service about this too and got an unsatisfactory response with the rep basically saying that they themselves have product left over so they can’t imagine how it’s possible for me to not have enough. Well, everyone’s hair texture is different. I seriously question how many different hair textures they actually tried this product on, which honestly just makes me super sad.
    – It’s very expensive. If you want to cover your whole head of hair and not just your roots, that’ll take 2 packs @ $40 a pop. And if you really want it to work it’s best, expect to have to apply it at the very least once every 4 weeks, if not more frequently.
    – The application process is very time-consuming and laborious. And when you couple that with the frequency in which you would need to apply it, forget about it. I am not used to having to spend so much time on upkeep of my hair though, to be fair. I have never been the type of person who went to the salon regularly to get touch-ups. The most I go to the salon is 3x a year for trims/cuts. If you are cool with paying someone to do this for you, this con won’t really apply to you.

    Even with all those cons though, I am clearly still using the product because the pros outweigh the cons for me at this time, even if it’s just the littlest bit . But every single time I have to order a new box, I’m faced with this dilemma of should-I, shouldn’t-I. I really sort of hate using it but I have no alternative at this time so I soldier through. Haha! I wish I could send them a strand of my hair so they can figure out why it works so poorly on my hair. Anyway, I hope someone finds this info helpful!

  • Anne Benson says:

    I have used Hairprint twice now. Both times I had to use coconut/cocoa butter to protect some of my hair. I don’t have a lot of hair, so I was able to use half of the products (even though they tell you not to do that). It worked really well on my hair. I can go 3 months before the regrowth shows enough to bother me. I used the chelating shampoo once the day before using Hairprint. I didn’t stop using other products and use the chelating shampoo for a week or 2 as they suggest. That might be the reason why the color of my hair seems to fade. Instead of a medium brown which is my natural color. I am left with light brown with dark blonde highlights. I don’t love the color, but my gray is still covered naturally, so I will continue to use it.

  • Heather says:

    I have severe allergic reactions to hair dyes and gave them up over a year ago. At the age of 29 I wasn’t ready to commit to the grey hair and felt self conscious about it. Although not all greys are covered, it definitely helps and the more times you use the product the more it covers. It is inconvenient the amount of time it takes compared to hair coloring methods but I’m just happy to have a product I can use!!


    I have been using dark brown Hairprint continuously for one year and 8 months. I am 67 and have approximately 20 percent gray around my face, down my part and in my crown area. The rest of my roots are less gray. I have colored my hair for years but was experiencing some hair loss so I searched for a less toxic hair color product. I have to use this product every 4 to 5 weeks. I have shoulder length, fine hair. On all but two occasions, my professional stylist has applied the product and worked with me to evaluate it. We have followed every bit of advice we could gleen from the box and the website. Hairprint’s usage advice and recommendations have changed throughout my adventure with the product . The biggest problem is their lack of real customer service. Last summer, two boxes arrived without the final step of the product, something we only discovered when we reached that stage. We tried to get help in what was a real emergency, but discovered you cannot even get to a real person, much less one with any answers. The result was hair like straw until the missing portion of the product arrived a week later. I am ambivalent about the product at this point. I think my hair is in better condition and I want to believe that my gray is lessening, but I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty that the Hairprint product line has made it better. Either way, the mess, expense, inconsistent results and complete lack of timely customer assistance make me question the efficacy of Hairprint as an aid in addressing graying hair.

  • Jill Norman says:

    Hi there, good review. I too got my hairdresser to apply it as she was as curious as me as to how it would go. I had grown my 10″ long hair out, going from blond dyed hair to about 30% gray for over a year b4 I tried this product. That way I knew I was giving it a real go. The process took 3 hours (the next one will be quicker for sure) and we were both really impressed with the product. It covered really well, only a few grays left & it toned in well with my complection as it was more my natural colour – I love it & I think it makes me look younger, and have had a few comments saying the same so I am excited I can use this & not go gray for a while yet – ps I am 56 years old from New Zealand –

  • Julia PASCAL says:

    What about women with more than 50% white? I must be around 85% but have coloured for years.

    • Lee says:

      I have more than 50% white hair and the hairprint worked really well. It’s been about a week since my hair was done. I use only hairprint shampoos and conditioners. I really hope the color stays for a couple months or more. I LOVE MY COLOR. My hair was completely natural before the hairprint was applied. You need to allow your hair to completely grow out to it’s natural state prior to using the hairprint, in order to get a good result. My scalp did itch during the process, but that can be expected in some individuals. Hope this helps.

  • Lynn says:

    Hmm I have to wait for my roots to grow two inches? But I just want to dye my roots before it becomes noticeable. Would I still be a good candidate for this product?

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      That is a great question to ask the folks at Hairprint! I think the first round is when you need 2 inches of growth. After that you might be able to do it more often. Let me know what you find out.

  • Jamie says:

    I used hairprint once a few months ago, after using “organic” dyes for a years at salons (and conventional ones before that), although I had quit dying my hair completely the last two years. I am very sensitive to toxins and minimize them in all areas of my life. I don’t have much gray, but I was getting more, so I thought I’d try Hairprint. The coverage worked well with only one application, however, my hair is significant darker and redder even after over 2 months. That’s one thing, but the thing that bothers me is that I never got my curl back! I had wavy hair since adolescence, with some quite curly pieces at my neck. And my hair is long. Wave gone and not much body anymore. So strange. I wouldn’t have tried it if I would’ve know that, I would have lived with the gray.

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      Oh wow, so you experienced a straightening of your hair too, but it wasn’t temporary like mine was? Have you been in touch with the company at all? My guess is if you stop using the product, the new growth will have wave again.

  • Bren says:

    I understand the cocoa or shea butter is used to protect the previously dyed hair. But I’m confused as to why your color looks even from the roots to the ends in your after picture. Wouldn’t the previously dyed hair need to grow out before being able to use HairPrint all over?

    • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

      In the final after picture, it was when I had my highlights added back to the roots of my hair. So that’s what I assume you’re seeing.

      • Beverly says:

        Are you Not planning to use Hairprint again? I don’t understand putting highlights on top of Hairprint. I’m assuming you’ll wait for 2″ gray roots and apply Hairprint then, protecting the longer hair??

        My hair is too porous and the color went way too dark, plus it brought out rusty tones, not my natural color.

        Now I’m stuck with dark brown and soon to be gray obvious roots. Not a happy camper.

        • Kristen Arnett's GBT says:

          Hey Beverly! I prefer lightness in my hair rather than a very dark brown that is natural to me. So that’s why I added that on top. Also as described I’m only about 10% grey do my root growth isn’t as obvious as it sounds like yours is. That’s why Id di such an in-dpeth review showing photos of my actual hair rather than just repeating what the brand says about how the product works, because everyone has different needs/preferences with maintaining theirs. I think the concerns you have are valid, but I’d chat with their people about what to do if you haven’t already. Best of luck with finding the thing that works best for you!

        • Anna says:

          I have been using Hairprint for almost a year. Beverly, you may find that the color fades. If you look at most online reviews, that is the biggest complaint. The last time I colored with Hairprint, I left the first step on longer than the box instructions but following the on-line instructions. I was waaay dark. But I washed more often and in a couple of weeks, the color was quite acceptable again.

  • Myr says:

    I used Hairprint for the first time 3+ weeks ago. After many years of using traditional coloring including “safe” ones, 8 years ago decided to let it go natural. So I had gray framing my face and a little salt and pepper effect in the rest of my hair. When I heard about Hairprint I was really intrigued. I used the Light Brown formula and am thrilled with the results. I followed all the instructions including Chelating shampoo the week before. It is very messy but just put old towels down and it’s ok. I have shoulder length fine textured hair. The grey is covered and it is slightly blonde, so it looks very natural. Also it is soft and shiny. I couldn’t be happier. Plan to do the second application in a couple of weeks.

  • Andrea says:

    I used it recently for the first time. It did NOT de-curl my curls! Not in the least.

    My hair is also dark brown with less than 10% gray.
    The ends are bleached and dyed purple, and the shea butter worked perfectly to protect the color.

    I was initially very impressed but I think the grays I thought were gone are reasserting themselves. I need to do a second round. Overall I think it’s a good (and fascinating!) product. I don’t think it will go mainstream as long as it takes so many steps, though. It’s like an art ptoject. Luckily, I’m an artist so it wasnt that much of a stretch!

  • April says:

    I have naturally curly, thick coarse hair. My natural color is medium to dark brown. I’ve been getting my hair colored at the salon for about 12 years. I emailed the people at Hairprint and was told that using their product would take away my curl. And since I’ve been coloring my hair professionally for so long, I don’t know about the complicated process of using Hairprint. Sounds like it’s best on virgin hair, or for someone who’s never used chemical hair color. Oh well. Thanks for your review.

  • Chantal says:

    Sorry, more! LOL I guess I would need to ask why get Highlights after using HairPrint (aside from preference)? is that not just going against what you are trying to achieve: using non-toxic, the bleach would be toxic? yes no PPD but … thanks once again as I decide when and how to dig into my kits? 🙂

    • Jill says:

      Hilights don’t come in contact with the skin and are not absorbed into the body.

      • Melissa says:

        This is something I have been wondering about. Dye is usually applied to the scalp and that must be why our body absorbs the toxics. Of course bleach has dioxins that are nasty, but I’m assuming the limited exposure of actually getting your hair done is a good thing. Did you apply toner after your highlights? I wonder if toner has unsafe ingredients.

        Basically, do the ends of hair communicate back to your scalp? (I know this might sound like a silly question)

  • Chantal says:

    I have the kits but growing out …. hard work! LOL. So as you added highlights, how do you protect the highlights once you go in to Hairprint again? Shea butter again – but you can’t put the shea butter on the grey roots to be covered so you will cover the highlights. So then you just need to repeat the entire process incl the highlights? Sorry I just have really resistant grey hair that can be coloured every 10 days so I am worried that I will need a lot of HP LOL

  • I’ve been so curious about Hairprint and I get the willies every time I use conventional dye. Thanks for your honest (and thorough) review, Kristen. I think I need to try this, until I can make friends with my greys.

  • How very brave of you to try this on yourself! Im an Oway colorist and I’ve been wanting to try this on a willing client but haven’t found one yet! 😉
    I, myself am 100% silver naturally and have recently owned my locks just the way they are! It’s so liberating! Especially as a hair stylist, I find it stimulates a lot of conversation and many of my clients are “transitioning” as well.
    Definitely not for everyone but I’m grateful there is a movement and more of an acceptance toward going grey.
    Love what your doing Kristen! Keep up the much needed work! 🙂

  • Alexandra says:

    Neat! I’ll have to read more about the science; it sounds fascinating.

    • Vivian says:

      Kristen thank you for sharing. I would like to try it the same way you did, to cover gray regularly but put highlights around sometimes. Did you use “dark” or “brown”?. Thank you again for sharing

  • gayle says:

    I’ve been using hairprint for about a year now and have had no allergic reaction. It has an odd
    Color at first but after a couple washes all good. My grey doesn’t completely go away it kind of turns blonde and just blends in . Of course until the out growth begins . Really happy I can continue to keep the grey at bay.

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