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I am so thrilled that you found me and want to be in touch!

Due to the intensity of my schedule and the sheer volume of communications I receive, I wish I could reply to everyone about everything, but I’ve not yet found a way to clone myself…so please read the following before you email me:

Due to COVID-19 I am unavailable for any and all in-person and on-site makeup services the foreseeable future.  Do not email asking for an exception.

1.  I only offer personal beauty advice and product suggestions through appointments.  Click here to set up a Healthy Beauty Lesson.

Other Resources to get you started:

My list of award-winning cosmetics brands

The incredible green beauty library of educational articles and videos.

Free downloadable guides to help you get on the fast track to cleaning out and greening out your cosmetics.

Online workshops to help you become an expert in clean beauty.

2. I will not promote direct marketing cosmetics brands through individual sales reps (such as Arbonne, NYR, Beautycounter, Crunchi, etc.).

3. If you’re from a brand wishing to collaborate, please go here.

4. If you’re from the press or media please go here.

5. I absolutely do not accept contributions from “professional writers” with backlinks or sponsored content.

For all other inquiries (and especially love notes), use the form below to contact Kristen and her team:

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