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How To Conceal Dark Circles Naturally and Quickly [video]

By December 1, 2016April 26th, 20188 Comments

before-after-conceal-dark-circles-naturallyThis content is sponsored by Hynt Beauty, who meets our selective criteria. When you buy from them, you also support Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team. (Yay!) Opinions expressed are always our own.  

Covering up dark under eye circles effectively

It’s one of the top things I get asked about as a makeup artist.

It seems women of every age from 15 to 80 want to know how to conceal dark circles naturally, both with natural makeup and in a way that doesn’t look like a bunch of concealer was just piled on top of the eye area.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to make our under eyes brighter only to find that the product we’re using doesn’t give us the coverage or texture we really want and need.

Sometimes it’s a matter of choosing the right concealer shade for you, and often it’s about the actual formula.

If it’s too dry it will look cakey. Too oily and it will just move around and slip into lines as the day wears on. Either way this is not the desired scenario.

The reason that Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer won a coveted Best-Of Beauty Award is because it does it all with natural ingredients that get a major thumbs up from this green makeup artist!


It stays put, looks and feels lightweight on skin, all while covering those pesky dark areas under your eyes like a champ!


I put together a video tutorial for you on how to use this product to quickly and easily banish your under eye dark circles, which you can watch below or by going straight to the video How To Conceal Dark Circles Naturally on my YouTube channel.

Avoiding the lower lash line

You’ll notice that I leave some shadow around the lower part of her eyes for a more natural effect. Of course you can go up to the eyelashes if you prefer. Just know that if you have a lot of fine lines near your lower lashes, you’ll need to go lighter with the application in that area.

Dark Circles and Your Health

As I remind you at the start of the video. Dark circles are often from lack of sleep or proper nutrition. They can also be inherited or from aging.

So I encourage you to first address your health to really get rid of dark circles, unless they’ve been there since birth. Then do what I did and leave some natural shadow under the eyes so you don’t look like a mannequin, just a brighter version of you!

Here’s a list of the Hynt Beauty products used with links to make your life easier:

I truly hope you learn something valuable that helps you in this video. Leave a comment below or directly on the video itself and let me know!

This content is sponsored by Hynt Beauty. All opinions are my own.

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