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Show Up


Polished & Put Together


The tools you need to feel great being seen on screen.

You worked your way into a position of respect. 

You’re an expert in your space. You’d rather the focus be on that.

But you feel forced to participate in this new world of selfies, videos, Zoom meetings, webinars and Facebook lives…

…and you just keep thinking:

“I hate how I look on camera”


“How I  look shouldn’t matter”

But it does matter to you.

And you know being visible is important for your success.

When the focus is on you

it can be uncomfortable.

When seeing yourself on camera makes you cringe

it stops you from showing up. 

Whether you’re on a Zoom call, going live on social, being interviewed, or recording course videos

feeling in command of how you present matters.

you want the focus to be on the content you’re delivering.


I WANT TO help you FEEL

relaxed & ready

“Show Up From the Shoulders Up”

is a self-paced, online course with in-depth tricks, hacks and tips specifically for women over 40 to feel professional, polished and put together before hitting the (scary) record button.

Why trust me?

I’ve been in the beauty biz for over 20 years, and worked as an international, celebrity makeup artist on runways, photo and video shoots. In addtion to being an educator in healthy, green beauty for over 10 years.

Photo by Michael Benabib

I was a total beauty novice. I enlisted Kristen’s help to look more professional for my YouTube Lives.

I love everything I learned!

Now I have a fresh, confident look on camera, in a healthy way.


what’s included IN THE CLASS

videos, resource guides & checklists

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Easy-to-follow videos that walk you through each step.

The 5-minute

“Oh, Sh*t!” Plan

For the inevitable times you have to get camera-ready fast.

Kristen’s Kit

A shoppable guide for natural, cruelty-free cosmetics with options for all skin tones

  • Define Your Style with the “Beauty Muse Method” 
  • Clothing Rules for Camera
  • Radiant Skin 101 

  • Hair Help: from straight and thin, to thick and curly
  • Rewiring your Makeup Mindset
  • Makeup Training: Ready in 20

  • Guidance for wearing glasses 
  • Checklists to keep you organized
  • Hidden hacks to look even better on Zoom 



I learned so much about what I should do differently.

It really was one of the best uses of my time and money I have spent.

but wait, there’s more!

Flattering Tech Tips

Advice from award-winning and professional videographers on how to:

  • Create your most flattering lighting.
  • Set up the best angle for your face.
  • Frame yourself more powerfully.

  • Ditch the ear buds and easily uplevel your professional appearance with better sound.
  • Use camera presence techniques to get your message across with confidence and clarity.

2 options to fit YOUR NEEDS

Instance 1


$ 249

one-time payment includes:

  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • Flattering Tech Tips & Camera Smarts Training
  • Camera Presence Training


$ 1,500  1250

($250 savings)

includes everything in PRO:


You’ll work with Kristen privately to create a plan specific to your needs and to achieve the very best results! 


Part 1. Join Kristen for in-depth, one-on-one “get to know you” via Zoom to clarify and identify your biggest areas of improvement: camera set up, makeup, hair, etc.

Kristen will create a detailed plan, and with personal recommendations for you to shop/prepare prior to part 2.

Part 2.  The main training: You’ll join Kristen on Zoom during this private, 75-minute, recorded lesson, where you’ll learn the exact steps for improving upon your areas of focus. But it doesn’t end there!

Part 3. You’ll join Kristen for a final “Brush Up” review after you’ve had a chance to absorb and implement your personal training. This is the chance to to tweak, perfect and clarify anything you feel challenged with still.

  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • Flattering Tech Tips & Camera Smarts Training
  • Camera Presence Training

*please read*

1. Check that you put in your correct email address during sign up.

2. You must consent to receiving emails so we can send you important course access information.

3. Look in your spam or promotional folders if you aren’t seeing emails from info [@] in your inbox.

Still on the fence?

Consider this…

WASTING TIME iS frustrating

You already put in the work to create your content…

…so you put in a little extra effort to present on camera, but you either look:Washed out, like you barely did anything. Or Like you’re trying too hard.

Psst! This is my mom! 

And honey, that’s just a waste of your precious time.

Let me help you…

show up & shine

carol s.


I was tired of looking tired.

I learned so many new ideas on how to look my best with minimal makeup from Kristen.  

I feel so much more comfortable with my (over 60) skin now. 

And I keep getting compliments on my new look.

” SAY NO MORE!i need this now. “




You can either fight it and feel crappy, or jump into it with me holding your hand.

When the focus is on you, you’ll feel way more at ease knowing you’ve got tools in your back pocket you can whip out whenever you want to feel extra polished and in charge.  

Then you can get back to being a badass at the things in life that matter to you most with more pep in your step!


You’re entering into a no-nasty-judgement zone. 

All women are welcome, safe and celebrated.

My goal is that you walk away from this course feeling uplifted, recharged and empowered.

This is NOT the right course for you if you’re into a complicated, high-glam look

You can find a zillion free tutorials by 20-somethings on YouTube for how to get a hyper-real, doll effect. 

If you’re like most women who are busy making things happen…

You ain’t got time for all that.

Nor, do you want to wear all that!

You’ll learn how to look good on Zoom, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, Youtube videos, Google Hang Outs, or anything else with a video.

If you’re doing more virtual meetings for your job, this class is like the ultimate Zoom makeover tutorial.

Real  Life

I know you’re not a model.

It doesn’t matter.

You can significantly improve the way you present on video or photos with my help.

If you’ve been fighting with how you look in photos and video and what you’ve been doing isn’t helping, this class is for you!


online makeup workshop testimonial

Meet  Your Pro


Healthy Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist

Kristen is a rare hybrid within the beauty industry with a unique expertise in “naturals” and a career that’s spanned product development, beauty education, brand consulting and makeup artistry over the past 20-years.

A highly sought after international makeup artist, she delivers high-performance results using non-toxic makeup helping keep clients’ skin looking spectacular under any circumstance garnering praise from celebrities, top models and regular women alike.

Kristen has helped thousands of women around the globe detox their makeup bags with amazing results.

She’s been called a “Green Leader” by ELLE Magazine, a “Top Eco Influencer” by Eileen Fisher and a “Natural Beauty Guru” by Whole Living

Using her talents and experience to educate people around the world about natural beauty solutions (that really work) as a pathway to total well-being, Kristen shares honest, practical advice from a pro’s perspective.

“I don’t have a lot of makeup skills or supplies.

Will this course work for me?”

Yep! The information is presented clearly and concisely, as not to overwhelm.

Once enrolled you’ll receive downloadable resource guides including a shopping list of the exact non-toxic, natural cosmetics and tools used in the class.

The video instruction allow you to pause, rewind and practice at your own pace while you gain confidence trying out the techniques.

No matter what level you are, this class will help you level up for a lifetime.

important details/faq

You must consent to receiving emails during sign up and stay subscribed so we can send you important future course access information.


When you purchase the VIP Experience, you’lll receive a unique link to access your course and appointment package within 48 hours.


As this is a digital product, we do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy for some reason, please email us at info {at}

“How long do I have access to the course?”How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


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