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We are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team Best-Of Beauty Awards on October 25th!

As a leading expert and influencer in the natural beauty world, Kristen Arnett’s fans have been asking her to create lists of her most favorite natural beauty products for almost 6 years. But she never had, until now!

It’s an incredible assortment of 95 stellar natural and organic cosmetic products that have proven themselves over years of trial.

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Best-Of Beauty Awards Process and Criteria

Brands were not asked to submit products or pay any fees for consideration.

In fact, none of these brands knew there was an award selection process taking place.

Q: “How come not every product has a description about why it won?”

A: Because we’d just be re-writing what you can read in the brand materials about the product’s promises and ingredients. Plus it’s a little hard to find 95 different ways of saying, “because it’s awesome!”


Ingredients were always the very first thing considered over the years of research. She avoided as many of the ingredients on the “Major Offenders” and extended list of our Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics glossary.

These products represent a mix of generally accepted “clean ingredients”.

When choosing the products to win awards it always went back to performance, with respect to Kristen’s overall philosophy that being an extremist about ingredients isn’t realistic for everyone all of the time.

Be Forewarned: In very few cases the products chosen (hair color, nail polish and certain types of makeup i.e. mascara), may not have the most purely natural/organic ingredient list that meets every single person’s standards of what makes a product acceptably “green”.

That’s an impossible standard to meet because all of us have different definitions about what’s green enough.

In the few cases when a synthetic-hybrid product was chosen, it’s because Kristen believes these are far better, safer choices than their traditional counterparts, and still work just as well.

We truly believe there is something for everyone to discover on this list, but it is not the end all be all – you still must be responsible for deciding what’s right for you in terms of ingredients and performance.

Kristen didn’t just test these on herself

Kristen has been using and testing these products personally and on her clients for up to 6 years in her work as a makeup artist and educator on clients ranging from top models, actors, singers to everyday women in search of something better for their busy lives.

She consulted with other holistic professionals in the beauty industry about their favorite, top-performing natural products.

Each product had work consistently for various people under various conditions.

Company Ethics

Not one single brand listed tests their products on animals. In that sense they are all cruelty-free cosmetic brands.

We have taken the time to note which products that are vegan by a diamond symbol (◊) next to the name.

However, each company that has honey or beeswax in their products makes a huge effort to source those particular items in the most ethical way possible.

For the most part these brands actively source their ingredients sustainably and many of them have active give-back programs.

We encourage you to read more on each company’s ethos to understand who is using fair trade, non-GMO, and organically certified ingredients.