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Appointment Policy

Appointments will be scheduled in advance based on Kristen Arnett’s availability for the dates offered. No guarantee is made that your first choice for time/date will be available at time of booking. She will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your schedule.

In person services generally occur in New York City or Portland, OR. Please email info[at] to find out about Kristen’s in-person availability before booking.

Virtual services require you to have a webcam and high-speed internet connection for best results. The appointment will be held on either Skype or Facetime (both free platforms).

Rescheduling and Cancelation: Rescheduling requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the appointment or will be treated as a cancelation.

Appointments can only be rescheduled one (1) time by the client.

The new appointment time must occur within 60 days of original date or the appointment will be considered a cancelation.

Kristen may also reschedule the appointment if needed.

For standard in person or online appointments full payment is required upon booking. Only 50% of the service price will be refunded to you if you cancel your appointment less than seven days prior, and the amount will be refunded to you within 10 working days in the same method for which you paid.

Because this is a time and service based product, refunds are not given after receipt of consultation.

Waiver of Liability: Allergies; Adverse Reactions; Contamination.  Kristen cannot guarantee that Client will not react adversely to any cosmetics supplies she applies and/or recommends.  Client acknowledges that while Kristen uses generally-accepted cosmetics supplies, certain persons may experience an adverse reaction to such supplies, and that such an adverse reaction is unforeseeable.  Client shall inform Kristen of any and all known allergies and/or adverse reactions to cosmetics supplies suffered by Client, and others who are known by Client, or expected by Client, to be reasonably likely to come in contact with Kristen’s cosmetics supplies. Client acknowledges that any cosmetics supplies/products may inadvertently become contaminated and could contribute to the spread of disease.  Client hereby assumes the risk of allowing Kristen and/or her agents to apply cosmetics supplies/products to Talent, and waives all claims against Kristen, her assistants, and her staff, relating to cosmetics-related allergies, adverse reactions, and product contamination.