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4 Winter Beauty Resolutions for Surviving Holiday Stress

By December 13, 2018December 14th, 2018One Comment

Written by guest expert, Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, author of Eat Pretty.

Just like that, we’re immersed in the holiday season!

With it comes inherent beauty and joy, as well as feelings of frustration, disappointment, and even despair because there’s not always much, well… peace to be found in this season of peace on Earth.

Beyond that, you might be more conscious of your beauty this season—like how your skin is behaving in the new season’s weather, and how you’ll look when you gather with family or turn up for a holiday party with friends or colleagues.

4 Resolutions for a More Beautiful Holiday Season

Whether you’re already spending your free moments making gifts for friends and neighbors, or you’re having a hard time getting into the spirit of things this year, I’d like to ask you to make four beauty resolutions for the month of December—and keep them into the new year, if you wish.

Each of these resolutions pushes you to make small shifts that influence your beauty and body day to day.

Keeping these resolutions will help bring more beauty into your holiday season, adding to the collective good will on Earth, and creating more beauty for others in turn.

Beauty is created in your every bite, breath, thought, and action, and there’s no better season to put that power into practice.

# 1 Flex your Mindset Muscle

A favorite saying that’s displayed on my desk is “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” It’s not always easy to see good in difficult circumstances, stress-fraught times, or negative people.

But choosing positivity is like strength training a muscle—that reflex gets stronger, and easier every time you practice.

And choosing a positive mindset has important beauty benefits that you see and feel.

Choose gratitude, and kindness above all else, with the goal of making that your default during the holidays and always.

#2 Support yourself with Beauty Nutrition

Eating well can make it easier to continue to choose foods that support beauty, immunity, and good moods this season that will help you with surviving holiday stress.

When you’re tempted to reach for coffee or sweets to keep up the momentum of the holidays, remember that the foods you choose literally become your body on a molecular level.

Choose well and you’ll be quite happy with the results you see in the mirror.

On your must-eat list this month are:

Ample healthy fats, like avocado, raw nuts, coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter, and probiotic-rich fermented foods as well as the foods that support the growth of a healthy microbiome, like leafy greens and fiber-rich veggies.

These support beauty, brain health, and balanced hormones, and deliver major nutrient density. As often as you can, skip sugar (or choose only the sugary treats that matter most to you this season) to lower inflammation and support clear, youthful skin.

#3 Slow Down, Breathe, and Watch What You Sip

At the start of this season there’s an expectation of all the things that you’ll do and buy and make. So much so that December can feel like riding one big wave—a wave that sometimes leaves you feeling burned out and in a blur by January 1.

This year, pace yourself, in an effort to bring more beauty to your experience.

Say no to things that don’t feel fulfilling, and leave more time to be present.

Breathe deeply. Regularly sip hot water and herbal teas for natural detox (yes, hot cocoa is great for skin too, as long as you skimp on sugar and dairy).

Leave yourself some unscheduled time to fill as you wish. You may get inspired to give yourself a little more self-care, or to use that time to help others, which has its own rewards for your beauty and health.

#4 Schedule a Winter Beauty Retreat

You know that long week between Christmas and New Year’s where life gets kind of quiet? Set aside one of those days for a winter beauty retreat.

Winter is the season of rest and rejuvenation for your beauty, and it’s important to honor that need amidst a very busy holiday month.

You could plan your retreat alone, or with a few of your closest friends. Either way, prepare a day of nourishing meals, meditation, naps, creative activities, self-care rituals, and time spent in nature. Embrace the winter season and all it has to offer your beauty, if you make time to let it in.

For 80+ more ways to support winter beauty this holiday season and into the new year, check out my book Eat Pretty Every Day.

We’d love to hear what small changes you made this winter from this list (or others) that helped you feel more cared for. Leave a comment below!

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