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Natural Skincare for a Radiant Glow

3 Ways to Help Skin Survive Summer with Apple Cider Vinegar

By June 24, 2013May 20th, 2021No Comments

mature woman holding a bottle of apple cider vinegar for skin care

Nature’s cure-all, apple cider vinegar, offers some time-proven remedies to save our skin through the hottest months. ACV (apple cider vinegar) has many components and many benefits.

The sweaty summer months can be tough for beauty – especially where it’s hot and humid. Some of us produce buckets of oil, sweat every time we step outside, and trek around in summer sandals that leave our poor feet beat.

For these beautifying skin treatments we are focusing on the malic acid component of ACV.

Malic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and brings our skin back to its ideal PH, which is slightly acidic. It also helps to deep clean skin and remove dead skin cells.

Using a raw, organic and unfiltered ACV like Bragg’s is a great choice to make sure you get the full benefits.

Here are a few tips and tricks from my practice as an esthetician, using this magical liquid to keep your skin in check this summer.

1. Facial Toner

I recommend this fabulous low cost toner to my clients during the warm months to freshen, balance, and soothe oily, breakout prone, and combination skin types.

  • Mix equal parts ACV and water, and gently wipe over skin using cotton. This PH balancing daily toner is great to apply over pesky body breakouts too!

BONUS Use this on bug bites and stings to reduce itch and sting!

2. Cooling sponge bath (sink bath)

Cleanse off the grit and grime of the day, cool down, and kill odor without having to shower for the 10th time! This will leave you feeling calm and invigorated, and your skin looking rosy. (Don’t worry the vinegar smell leaves as it dries!)

  • Fill your bathroom sink or a large bowl with cool water, and add several tablespoons of ACV, dunk in a washcloth and wring it out.
  • Using firm pressure, start cleansing from the ankles up, moving toward the heart. Follow with the arms, starting with the hands and working your way in. Finish with the torso.

This is great for killing stinky underarm bacteria too!

Re-dunk and wring out your washcloth as you move through each section. Finish with a few spritzes of rose water over your body or some essential oil on pulse points.

foot bath

3. Bacteria and Fungus Blasting Foot Soak

Our poor feet take a real beating over the summer months — blisters, beach feet, and athlete’s foot abound. Use this soak regularly to heal your worn out, swollen summer feet.

  • Fill a large basin (big enough to soak your feet) with lukewarm water, and add ½ cup ACV. Alternately, you can perch on the edge of your bathtub, and just fill it a few inches to soak your toes.
  • Soak for 10 -15 minutes, at least once a week.

For more severe athlete’s foot, add a few drops of tea tree oil. For extra swollen feet, add some epsom salts.

Leave a comment below and tell us if these tips worked for you and what your favorite skin uses are for ACV! 

[Original author, esthetician Britta Plug. Feature photo by Anna Shvets]

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