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Sustainable BeautyJune 1, 2014 – xowilhelmina.com

Now represented by Wilhelmina Artists, Kristen Arnett is the first and only green beauty expert on their roster.

International celebrity makeup artist, Kristen Arnett, is the go-to expert for natural, non-toxic cosmetics in the television and high fashion worlds.

While Kristen always wanted to be a professional makeup artist, her journey began in 2007 after leaving behind her job in the corporate world to follow her dream. Relocating to Milan, Kristen honed her craft and experienced first-hand what editorial makeup was all about on the European scene. Now based in New York City, she still travels the globe and lives by her philosophy of ‘Sustainable Beauty,’ which she believes “leads to true vitality and happiness.”

Having struggled with her skin for much of her life, Kristen’s a true believer in the idea that healthy makeup and skincare can improve the quality of life. In Italy, Kristen began incorporating one of the country’s famous natural resources; olive oil, into her skincare regimen.  After seeing a noticeable change in her skin, she’s reformed her approach to only use the most natural, non-toxic cosmetics in her work.

Kristen swears by SPF tinted moisturizer in the summer thanks to its uber-natural coverage and UV protection.

Click through to read Kristen’s DIY natural makeup/skincare tip and product suggestions.

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