Winter Eco-Beauty Tips


November 24, 2013 –

Kristen Arnett, international makeup artist and beauty expert gives us some tips on skin and hair care in the wintertime. Un-safe chemicals are as bad in textiles as they are in cosmetics…

In the winter our skin and hair can get very dry from the lack of moisture in the air, but did you know that your face cleanser, shampoo, lotion and cosmetics could be making the situation worse? Not only can they dry you out, but they might also be polluting your body with un-safe chemicals.

To maintain healthy, hydrated skin and hair follow these tips:

1) Get rid of any cleanser or shampoo with the ingredient sodium laureth sulfate. It’s a degreaser that will strip your body of necessary natural oils which protect your skin and hair. Plus it helps other chemicals enter more easily into the body.

To read the rest of the article and get these amazing tips on the C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub website click here.

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