A Rare Look Inside An Organic Beauty Brand

Intelligent-Nutrients-LabratoryAs many of you already know in addition to being a makeup artist, I am also the curator and editor of Green Beauty Team promoting sustainable beauty too! That’s a lot of hats to wear, but it doesn’t get any better than when I get to collaborate with an incredible organic beauty brand with ALL those hats on.

Just after New York Fashion Week, I boarded a plane to Minnesota where I spent three 12-hour days on set doing makeup on a veritable parade of hair models for the Intelligent Nutrients line.


If you aren’t yet familiar with Intelligent Nutrients, you need to be! This luscious, effective, organic line was created by Horst Rechelbacher, the pioneer of naturals in the beauty industry and the original founder of Aveda (now owned by Estee Lauder).

During the 3 days of shooting I got to spend some precious time with Horst, and afterwards the opportunity to visit his company headquarters and his famous 400 acre organic farm!

Organic-Farm-Alpaca-Miniature-HorsesHonestly I’m not sure which of these things was the biggest highlight. It was all magical. He is inspirational. The quality of the brand’s organic beauty products are top notch.

The farm was a mystical place of total beauty. I felt as if I were walking in a dream.

visit-to-the-famOf course, I wished I could have photographed every moment and object of beauty but A) that just wasn’t humanly possible and B) much of what I saw and experienced had to be kept private…

What I did do was create a really awesome video with my new farm animal friends! In which, I reveal some of my favorite items that I honestly use everyday.

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(P.S. watch for the miniature donkey’s cameo.)

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