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  • Have you been using the same colors for years and need a change?
  • Or are you someone who has never really been into makeup, but thinks maybe it’s time to start doing something – you just don’t know where to start?
  • Do you consider yourself a healthy person, but find yourself overwhelmed at the idea of finding new cosmetics that are safe, natural, organic, and really work?
  • Have you ever tried to be adventurous with your makeup, but somehow ended up looking worse in the end?
  • Do you have a mish mash of cosmetics you’ve been hanging on to “just in case” – and even though you’ve never had much success with them, you can’t seem to throw out?
  • Are you tired of going to cosmetics counters only to be sold expensive things you don’t need, and walking away not having learned anything helpful for your lifestyle?
  • Do you find yourself pressed for time in the morning, but would like some quick tricks to help you look more polished and get on with your day?
  • Are you over “a certain age” and find that your usual makeup (or lack of makeup) is now making you look older?


I am Kristen Arnett and I can help! As one of Martha Stewart Whole Living’s “Natural Beauty Gurus” many of the industry’s most notable people rely on me for top-notch makeup, beauty and wellness guidance. I would love to help you cut through the confusion and learn my pro secrets for how easy it can be to look fantastic everyday – all without compromising your health!

{Click above to see which 5 eco-makeup essentials I keep in my makeup bag.}

After years of experience working with top models, celebrities, and hundreds of women of every age, nationality and status, there’s one common thread: We all want perfect skin, to feel amazing and look like the best version of ourselves without having to be covered in makeup.

I believe women don’t need to live for trends, or hide themselves behind a mask of makeup. That’s why I teach women how to create sustainable beauty that lasts lifetime and enhances who they are.

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Having battled with acne for 10-years, I know first-hand what it feels like to wish there was a magic wand to make me prettier. While there’s not a magic wand per se, there are some incredible tools I’d love to share with you which changed my life and the lives of my clients. (See their testimonials here.)

You are not alone! These are real emails from women just like you…

I don’t know anything about makeup – pretty much been using BareMinerals for years. I am 42 now. So I’m desperate to keep it natural and green. I’m a mom to young boy, so no time for frills, but also a business executive – so I need to be and – at least- look pulled together. And finally I can’t afford to break the bank on wasted product or $300.00 .5 oz bottles. Is this too drastic or can you work with me? – J.L., Long Island

I recently had my eyes open to greener, healthier living – so I’m excited, slightly bewildered. I’ve had a pretty clean skincare routine for a couple of years, but haven’t really taken the plunge cleaning up my makeup stash – and I want to! It’s just kind of overwhelming. – M.B., New York City

When your body is healthy and your skin is happy, your face will radiate beauty. You won’t need to cover anything up – you’ll want to show it off!

Traditional cosmetics can damage our skin, make us look older and cause breakouts and even increase the tendency for disease in the body, while healthy cosmetics support our well-being, longevity and vitality. New products and colors come out all the time — and there’s a dizzying array of chemicals hidden within the fine print — so deciding how to invest in your makeup bag becomes very confusing. I will help you get rid of toxic makeup, and help you choose safe and effective alternatives.

Whether you want to boost your confidence, feel more alluring, look younger and fresher, or older and more sophisticated, I can teach you the right products to use and help you feel great with how you present yourself to the world.

As I finished putting on my make up today, I wanted to thank you again. I feel much more confident in my application with each day. Your instruction and help in choosing my foundation, bronzer, lip color, etc. was crucial. My friends noticed right away and said I was glowing. Who knew a little makeup could lift my spirits so! – Terri P. of Brooklyn, NY

As a regular contributor to the Truth in Aging website, I offer honest advice about how to look younger without surgery or Botox. Sought after on both the West and East coasts for my “Age-Defying Makeup Techniques,” I have helped hundreds of women look fresh, revitalized, and years younger.

natural organic makeup lessonsRuth, the client pictured above said this after her makeover:

I truly felt wonderful – rejuvenated, fresh, and NOT like anyone else, but (the real) me with Kristen’s perfect application – a light touch with the products, which all felt clean, lovely and healthy. No masked feeling – but a natural healthy vibrance. I learned that the right makeup (and layering) will give you that boost and take away that tired look – and feeling.

When you work with me you will:

  • Save time – no more winding your way through a sea of websites and cosmetics aisles to find the right products for you
  • Save money – stop tossing away hundreds of dollars a year on cosmetics and skin care that just don’t work for you
  • Feel amazing – by positively impacting your health, the planet, and supporting brands who give back
  • Be confident – take on the world in a newly empowered way and attract and even better life
  • Feel free – clear out the clutter and get rid of old, useless products that don’t look good on you
  • Have value – learn how and what to spend your money on so that you are buying products for true value rather than hype

No matter what age you are, whether you’ve got 5 or 40 minutes to get ready, I can teach you how to feel fantastic and more confident everyday by using makeup to showcase your best features with easy tricks for looking fresh and beautiful.

So are you ready to transform your beauty and your health? Now’s the time to work with me and get on your way to a lifetime of sustainable beauty!

I offer makeover packages both in-person and virtually.

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