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Wellness-focused beauty retailers, cosmetic brands and lifestyle companies, you’ve hit the right page! Kristen is a rare, true beauty pro with a professional background in color cosmetics product development and marketing, pro artist and retail training, and international makeup artistry. Whether your continuing to evolve your existing natural brand or you’re a company looking to move into the green market partnering with Kristen is a smart move.

Brand Spokesperson

Desk-sides and on-air appearances.
Hosting beauty events for editors, influencers and clients.
Keynote speaker or panelist at conferences, trade shows and events.

Retail Training

Basic to Advanced Retail Staff Training
Natural Beauty Sales Strategy Creation
Custom brand and retail training video production

Creative Services

Beauty Box Curation
Product Development
Key makeup for photo shoots, advertising & marketing campaigns

Powerful Speaking and Training on Stage


I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary experience you created for me and my team.

All the FLO ladies felt so empowered and excited about all that they learned. More importantly, beyond the outstanding technical makeup application education you provided, they also made the valuable connection that taking the time to adorn their faces with color is a way to own their power and love themselves, to practice another version of self care, and to honor their inner beauty with the physical act of appreciating their exterior beauty.

Such an important experience that you facilitate for women and totally essential for today's health conscious woman because all of the products you use are hormone friendly and certainly FLO Living approved!

Alisa Vitti ... FLO Living, Founder

Kristen is an incredibly talented artist who not only creates beautiful, flawless looks but also is a very knowledgable mentor within the beauty world. She has contributed in the growth of our business and is always a pleasure to work with.

Jessica Jeong ... Brand Marketing

We are such fans of yours and what you stand for with non-toxic beauty! Additionally, Green Beauty Team is such an amazing resource of information for those looking to 'green' their beauty routine.

Juice Beauty

Kristen kicked off our inaugural The W.E.L.L. Summit with an inspiring, funny and heartfelt talk about self acceptance and personal empowerment. With a mix warmth and wit, she left each of our attendees excited about the weekend ahead. She managed to connect with everyone in the room, no matter where they were on their journey to wellness. Kristen had attendees (me included!) tearing up with her powerful insight on how we view ourselves.Uplifting, empathetic and accessible, Kristen Arnett is a gifted speaker who lights up a room.

She leveled the playing field when she said that everyone who sits in her makeup chair, from the most powerful models and female CEOs to everyday clients, speak the same fear—that they’re not enough. That there’s always something to fix or tweak. She encouraged listeners to treat themselves more gently, to begin accepting ourselves from the inside out.

Gianne Doherty ... W.E.L.L. Summit, Founder

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