Announcing My First Best-Of Beauty Awards

green-best-of-beauty-awardsFor the very first time in 6 years since starting down the path of using natural, organic beauty products, I’ve decided to host my own awards on

These Best-Of Beauty Awards are different for so many reasons.

I’m an artist at heart, with a brain that likes and needs research for validation, but I can only read so much sciency stuff before becoming narcoleptic.

I looked to aesthetic, functionality, texture, experience, and most importantly — my overall sense of a company’s ethics and their choices in formulation.

So if you want a rating system, you aren’t going to find one. My work would look very different if I could manage to get through organizing things so cerebrally.

If you want to see an incredible assortment of 95 stellar products that have proven themselves over years, the ones I recommend most to private clients and use myself at home, then you’re gonna love these awards!!

I absolutely can’t wait to reveal them to you. Be the first to see the winners and get other secret news surrounding the awards.

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The Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team Best-Of Beauty Awards release first to those subscribed to the newsletter and then to the public on October 25th, 2016.

The 95 products receiving awards will be sub categorized by a variety of different needs/issues/concerns. I couldn’t just say, “here’s the one and only ___[fill in the blank] product that is the best for everyone.” Obviously someone with dry skin and fine hair, needs a whole different type of skin and hair care than another person with oily skin and thick curly hair.

As if that weren’t enough, there will be two special sections: One that calls out just the vegan beauty award winners. And another section for those items which are more budget conscious.

Please make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter so you don’t miss the big reveal!

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