benaturallyyou_logoNovember 1, 2013 –


I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … lip balm (my current favorites are Intelligent Nutrients, John Masters and Patrick Smith).

I RELAX BY … listening to acoustic music, taking an epsom salts bath and breathing deeply.

I LIKE TO … eat! It shocks a lot of people because I’m so slender, but high quality, beautifully prepare food is so important to me.  When I travel to a new city I base most of my impression on how I enjoyed their local food. What I learned this summer is I won’t be going back to Madrid ever, but will eat my way through Italy instead. I also really love to dance and sing. They are great outlets for moving energy.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … the love in someone’s heart. Corny as that may sound, that love infuses everything about them – the glimmer in their eyes, how they treat others, and the art they create. I find beauty in the soulfulness of the human experience and I truly believe there is something captivatingly beautiful about every single person. Oh and we can’t leave out nature. The diversity and intricacy of it blows my mind all the time.


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