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Refinery29: Tips for Hazel Eyes

January 31, 2014 – [Excerpt] The cool thing about hazel eyes? Each set gravitates toward different color profiles. Some eyes tend to be more green while others look more topaz. Some read olive while others appear amber. The benefit of such color-change subtleties is that there are a lot — and we mean a […]


Refinery29: Best Beauty Products

December 23, 2013 – [Excerpt] We asked our favorite makeup artists to dish on their new beauty discoveries that have become kit staples of 2013. Trust us, they’ve worked with everything new in cosmetics. (They test just about every beauty release before creating the looks you see in magazines and on red carpets, after all.) Sappho Cosmetics Liquid […]


Green Beauty Brunch Recap

The energy and enthusiasm of this incredible crowd of women (of all different ages and ethnicities) along with unbelievably tasty South African sustainable cuisine, made the Green Beauty Brunch at Kaia Wine Bar in New York City one of my most favorite events ever! I mean, someone actually got teary eyed over seeing the incredible difference […]